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Ravan Effigies, PM Narendra Modi’s Speech on Dussehra Fetch Attention

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Ravan Effigies, PM Narendra Modi’s Speech on Dussehra Fetch Attention

October 12
15:52 2016

modi2New Delhi, Wednesday, October 12 – Security was tight in Delhi on account of Dussehra as many people step outside their homes to enjoy festivity. Navratri ended on Monday amid mantras and holy feel. Since schools and offices were shut for Vijayadasami, it was likely to witness huge crowd in the later hours of the day.

Parents and elders gave company to kids who were elated to see Ravan effigy. To cut a long story short, the level of enthusiasm was at peak a day ago among people of different age groups be it children, teenagers or the elderly populace. Dussehra being one of the major festivals observe by Hindus, homemakers prepared a variety of food and snacks a day ago, to let family members get the real festive feel.

Prayers were offered to Goddess Sita, Lord Shri Ram, Hanuman and Lakshman at various places. Prices of fruits and leafy vegetables were up to a certain extent during the festive period since consumption of these increased as many kept fasts. Prices of banana remain between INR 50 and INR 60. Apples were not offered at feasible rate as well. Grapes, kiwis, papaya, guava, berries et cetera were sold at a high price, not falling in the budget of the common man. But story may not be same after a certain span of time and one may expect prices to fall in a range that can allow many to get desired quantity without thinking a second thought.

On the whole, the excitement to celebrate Vijayadasami was mounting and residents geared up to keep an eye making all arrangements that could further add to the celebration mood. The temples at Delhi and NCR were given a festive look with multiple sizes of bulbs. Ravan, Meghnad and Kumbhkaran effigies were burnt in the city and various parts of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech in Lucknow on Dussehra grabbed eyeballs. It was full of messages that can let people learn a lot. Kids dressed in colorful outfits caught the eyes everywhere. In the nutshell, the festival was celebrated with huge fervor. Now, citizens are getting ready for Diwali, which is to fall during the end of the month.