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2018 DCE Block Chain Technology and Application Seminar in Malaysia was successfully concluded

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2018 DCE Block Chain Technology and Application Seminar in Malaysia was successfully concluded

February 08
20:13 2018

Block chain technology is developing rapidly currently, a variety of projects related to the block chain continuously ground all over the world, block chain leading the second terms of the Internet revolution, will also bring a depth reconstruction in worldwide.

The application of block chain has been extended from single financial industry to economic and social fields.


DCE application summit- DCE Block Chain technology and application seminar was hold in YunDing international hotel in Malaysia in 1st Feb,2018. This meeting was hold by DCE, the purpose is to accelerate and cultivation the application solution for DCE, actively explore the open source community construction mode and operation mechanism, to promote technology and industry development. The international block chain research experts, the political, business, financial and other celebrities attended the seminar.


It is reported, the meeting joint the domestic and foreign experts in the field of block chain and typical enterprise together, around the block chain at the forefront of technology innovation, industry policy development and practical application of block chain for depth discussion, and analyses the trend of investment opportunities and DCE This paper discusses the opportunities and challenges faced by DCE block chain application development and plans for the future development market of DCE.

Core team, chain department head Aslan Aslanov and chief operating officer Agris Meiksan invited to dress for the summit, and introduced to the participants at the meeting, chain technology application and market operations.


Firstly, chain department head Aslan Aslanov explained the related chain technology to participants at the meeting, he says, with the chain has been built up for the assets of the public, private, chain special mechanism of consensus, and create a safe, high frequency, diversified digital assets trading and open platform for integral transformation and or, for the Internet financial enterprises, banking, insurance, enterprise department and individual customers.


In addition, the characteristics of DCE: DCE maintains its own design simplicity and versatility. It is designed for the mainstream application, compatible with the existing block outside the chain to a variety of computer language to create enterprise IT process and the realization of the business rules, allow outside the chain rule effectively symbiotic and chain blocks, provided with block chain tamper-resistant, advantages of real-time and high reliability. DCE has a highly customizable, user-friendly asset system.DCE has the key function of multiple signatures. It is implemented directly in the block chain core layer, without any extra programming, and is easy to use in ordinary DCE wallet.

Can be converted into cash at the same time, the chain to ensure the DCE function, through the game while players can get virtual assets, and then through the virtual assets transferred to other players get DCE, that the players not only can play,  but also can  enjoy new experience of making money.

In addition, in view of the junction with the long cycle of bad debts and credit problems, DCE access to the SDK perfectly, through intelligent contracts, pipes, distribution, research and development of the earnings can be clear to all sides confirm, immediately transfer to the DCE wallet, do real time to the account.

The next invited speakers is Agris Meiksan, he is the chief operating officer of block chain, not only has the business administration degree of Stanford graduate school, also served as the United States electric business start up Shop Runner chief operating officer, is one of important Image Net database in the field of deep learning the originator, has a wealth of experience in product and market operation.


At the seminar, Agris Meiksan said that DCE technology is not only just a digital currency, but also a new idea or a value. This promotion will formally introduce the application technology of DCE into the market, and create a sustainable “ecosphere” with the new block chain technology.

Nowadays, DCE has successfully built an online entertainment, mobile financial, leisure and entertainment clubs, as the center area of the ecological chain, which includes online entertainment, conference and exhibition, shopping, sports, variety and mobile, mobile banking, stock funds and other financial investment service, reasonable and sustainable development.


Of course, DCE is not only satisfied with this, in the near future, will continue to four big industry surrounding radiation, to join forces with the high-end tourism, genetic engineering, water and so on service life, meet the demand of life at all levels of all kinds of entertainment, DCE ecosystem will never stop to develop, improve and expand its sphere of influence, and constructing innovation, fast mobile Internet culture. Imagine that you want to travel, shopping, consumption, entertainment, came to the coverage of the DCE area, you don’t have to change currency, no need to worry about what to eat, what to play, here you can enjoy a full range of VIP service experience.


What fields DCE technology will be taken into in the future of development, DCE s as a global technology company, in overseas, soon we will be in cross-border settlement on the underlying system application gateway and Banks have a breakthrough.

Agris Meiksan said DCE have so much effective block chain function and performance, together with perfect compatible ability of science and technology in the future, DCE will stand out from the crown of block chain, form their own ecosystem.

As the current core in Internet finance, the influence and appeal of DCE technology are increasing, and we believe that the future is bound to open up a new situation of inclusiveness and win-win cooperation.

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