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Save and Create Income with Innovative New Employee Discount App: “The Plug”

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Save and Create Income with Innovative New Employee Discount App: “The Plug”

February 12
23:07 2018

The Plug has announced the launching of their innovative new mobile application designed to inspire users to save money and generate income.  The New York based company is on a mission to connect users to share employee discounts on brand new items, ranging from sneakers, to electronics, designer handbags, and appliances, all within the discount app.

“We are thrilled that we will be able to connect users who have access to employee discounts on our app,” stated a representative for The Plug.  “We believe The Plug is going to be the best new breakthrough app in 2018, different from any other app we’ve seen before.  Shoppers in the US, and soon across the globe, will be able to share employee discounts and save money on products they’ve always wanted. We also feel it will be a big hit with those who want to generate cash.”

The app is the brainchild of 29 year old Daryl Armour, who moved to New York City from Trinidad and Tobago in 2001. Having engaged in various entrepreneurial fields from a young age, such as fixing gaming consoles and running a fruit cart in the Bronx, Armour went on to become a banker at JP Morgan Chase, and then moved into real estate. Still, when we spoke to Armour, he describes longing for greater enterprising fulfilment. 

He recalls the day that the idea for The Plug came to mind. “I had been asked by a friend to find a discounted hotel room for their mom, who was coming to the city and needed a place to stay. I had another friend who worked at a hotel, and when I got in touch, that friend was able to set her up with a discounted room using his own employee discount. That’s when I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could have this on a larger scale? A community with employee discounts for all kinds of things, shared at large to people all around them?” Armour states that it was in this moment, The Plug was born.

The new wave app will be coming out soon, with a major goal of fuelling the entrepreneurial pursuits of thousands of people around the world.  Users will be able to share information about virtually anything that can be attained through an employee discount.  Those who join The Plug App community will be able to earn extra money as well as save on purchases and services.

To find out more about the app or about shopping deals that will be available through The Plug, visit the company website at

They can also be followed on social media for release date updates and special offers:,, and

Media Contact
Company Name: ThePlug
Contact Person: Daryl Armour
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212 858 0974
Country: United States

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