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The BTC value variable is approaching for GKM, and will jointly drive the halving value market and achieve asset fusion

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The BTC value variable is approaching for GKM, and will jointly drive the halving value market and achieve asset fusion

February 05
01:00 2020

God domain is considered for sustainable ecological development, and the BTC halving market is approaching. It is expected that the growth rate of value variables will form a greater value synchronization. In the early stage of GKM, bit variables played a key role in GKM’s initial market value positioning. Now the Bitcoin production is about to be cut, the public chain of GKM cross-chain cluster is about to usher in a big era.

Most people think that the 4-year Bitcoin production cut will usher in a new round of bull market like the previous two Bitcoin production cuts,while GKM, which anchors value through the bit variable mechanism, will benefit a lot. We can find some answers from this Bitcoin production cut and GKM ecological planning.

We all know that mining difficulty is an indicator for predicting the price of BTC. The three major bull markets in the history of Bitcoin have all started after the difficulty of mining bottomed out. But now it is getting closer and closer to halving the third bitcoin production in May 2020, and many people expect that good times will soon return. From the observation of various signs in the market, most people are very optimistic about the performance of this halving market.

Bitcoin’s historical peak occurred at the end of 2017, reaching $ 20089 before falling back to the bottom. After that, the price began to fall rapidly, and once fell to the lowest point below $ 4,000. And for most of 2019, prices have bounced back and forth between $ 7,000 and $ 11,000.

At present, GKM is in its infancy, and Bitcoin is in a period of turbulence. Bit variables will soon be opened to make GKM’s market value develop more broadly. This will greatly enhance the future development space of public chain of GKM’s cross-chain cluster.
Imagine that even if the current round of production halving makes Bitcoin return to the peak of $10,000 again, or sprint towards higher peaks, with the increase of 5 times, 10 times … This is a good market opportunity for the GKM public chain. It means that GKM will have a very large space for increase in a long period of time, which is very beneficial to the current development speed and development stage of GKM. The ecological positioning of the GKM public chain is surpassing ETH and entering the top three of the global market value within two years. Compared with the current market value, the GKM public chain has the growth space of more than thousands of times. The current GKM should be linked to the value of Bitcoin. The value of GKM should be determined by variables. The value of GKM will be related to three factors: ecology, consensus, and community in the future.

There is a lot of value in the market for halving the output of Bitcoin this time, and a ten-fold increase is not uncommon for BTC. Bitcoin reached about $ 20,000 at the end of 2017.

“History will not be simply repeated, but it will always be surprisingly similar.” This is one of the most famous sayings of Mark Twain.

According to the data of CoinMarketCap, the total market value of the blockchain industry is now $ 234.3 billion, which is not a small amount.And Bitcoin accounts for 65% of the total market value. Bitcoin halving can bring improvements to the market, and it is very likely that the entire blockchain industry will drive Mad Cow to appear once again.

If the market is brought up by Bitcoin, then the maximized development of value variables of GKM anchored with the value of BTC is the market we want to foresee.

In terms of the current ups and downs of the crypto market, no digital asset is absolutely bullishin the short term.But it must be up in the long term. Although we cannot have a blindly optimistic attitude towards the market, just as the absolute force driving the growth of the stock market must be fundamental economic growth, it is the coming of the digital economy and society that will drive the rise of digital assets. Valuable digital assets are the anchor of value in the future digital economy world.

Before this era of market value comes, be sure to adhere to faith. This time, let fate change variables and truly participate in a road to subvert the global GKM bit variable.

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