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Experience Luxurious Titanium Watches from The House of Strumenti Nautici

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Experience Luxurious Titanium Watches from The House of Strumenti Nautici

March 23
21:53 2020
Strumenti Nautici launched their new titanium watch collection that is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Miami, FL – March 23, 2020 – People around the world, old and young, prefer to don a stylish and classy looking watch that’s well made and speaks volumes about one’s aesthetics. There are several heritage brands around the world that are known for their great design and finish. However, along with this, there are also several independent brands that are adding their own flavor to watches by offering designs and models that symbolize craftsmanship and elegance. 

For those who want to try something new without compromising on quality, design, and craftsmanship, then Strumenti Nautici is your answer. They launched their new watch collection on Kickstarter. The two watches that will be a part of their collection are the new Titanium Automatic Tourbillon Watch and the new Cerakote Titanium Automatic Tourbillon Watch

They created the Tourbillon in titanium because it is the best possible and most durable material for watches. Titanium is approximately 30% stronger and 40% lighter than steel. Titanium is often combined with other metals to produce high performance alloys and is commonly used by the aerospace industry and military for its lightweight strength and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

What prompted Strumenti Nautici to create these models is the lack of high quality watches in the market that come at an affordable price point. According to the brand, “We believe we were able to achieve our goals without sacrificing design, quality, and wear ability. Our desire was to create a watch that not only celebrated the craftsmanship, but also the authentic individual artistic expression of the wearer.”

In order to further personalize the watch for its wearer, they are offering Cerakote ceramic coating. This is a hand finished process that is applied individually to each case. Cerakote combines a ceramic base and a polymer to create a coating that renders the dynamic colors on all of their Titanium cases. All of their Cerakoting is done in the United States and because each case is hand applied and hand finished, no two watches will be exactly the same. This highly laborious process makes each Cerakoted Tourbillon piece unique. This entire process takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete and thus these watches will only be available in limited quantities.

Strumenti Nautici is able to offer their luxurious watches at a much lower cost since they are offering their Tourbillons directly to the end user by bypassing all the middlemen and all extra associated expenses. By eliminating all extra expenses such as marketing, advertising, distributors, dealers, celebrity spokespeople, etc. they are passing the savings to their customers. Instead of charging their customers thousands and thousands of dollars for a watch with average features and design, they chose to craft a 200M Titanium Automatic Tourbillon with big date, AM/PM, GMT and offer it at an affordable price point of $1,499.00 for early backers.

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