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Alfa Chemistry Launches Food Testing Services

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Alfa Chemistry Launches Food Testing Services

March 25
00:14 2020

New York, USA – On March 23, 2020, Alfa Chemistry announced that its Testing Lab, a professional testing and analysis agency, has launched more food testing services.

Food safety issues are of paramount importance to every consumer. To help food manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers provide consumers with safe products and eliminate consumer concerns about food safety, Alfa Chemistry has announced that it has begun to provide consumers with more food testing services to support the global food industry. Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab has a global network of testing experts and analytical equipment including chromatography (HPLC, GC, GC/MS) and atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS, GFA, FIAS), which can provide one-stop services that meet the needs of food testing and research. Foods that can be tested by Alfa Chemistry include candy, coffee, cookies, tomato products, milk and dairy products, beverages, meat and meat products, refrigerated food, seafood, condiments, cooking oil, liquor, pet food, snacks and fast food, canned food, infant food.

Food analysis and testing services provided by Alfa Chemistry include food ingredient analysis, food forensics, food safety testing, and food labeling services.

Food ingredient analysis: When choosing food, people need to consider the nutritional needs of the body and the nutritional value of the food. In determining the nutritional value of foods, analysis of the composition of the food is essential. Alfa Chemistry can provide comprehensive composition analysis services for various foods. And the food ingredients that can be tested and analyzed by Alfa Chemistry include carotenoids, sugars, fats, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, organic acids, rancidity, color, hormones, mineral, vitamin, additives, etc.

Food forensics: Food forensics is the process of verifying the authenticity of food. Food forensics can be used to verify the food functions declared on the food labels and whether the product has been adulterated or counterfeited. Consumers’ choice of food often changes with food forensics. Food forensics can help identify some chemicals in foods that can cause serious diseases such as diabetes and even cancer. Alfa Chemistry provides forensic services for these foods: wine, fermented drinks and other beverages, milk and dairy products, vegetable oils, meats, fish, fruits and vegetables, animal products, cereal products, and organic food.

Food safety testing: Thousands of people suffer and die from unsafe food every year worldwide. Unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemicals can cause more than 200 diseases such as diarrhea and cancer. Therefore, food safety is an important public health issue that deserves attention. Food safety testing services provided by Alfa Chemistry include microbiological testing, food toxicology analysis, food allergen testing, heavy metal residue detection, pesticide residue detection.

Food labeling services: As the dietary problems and diseases associated with poor eating habits increases, more and more people are starting to read the information on food packaging labels. The main role of a food label is to inform consumers of the composition and nutritional value of the food, the manufacturer, health claims, and possible allergens or other information. Each country has its own regulatory agencies and laws to regulate food labeling. Common allergens, wrong “best use date”, or any such false information can harm consumers’ health and expose manufacturers to serious lawsuits. Food label services provided by Alfa Chemistry include food nutrition analysis, shelf life testing, food allergen testing, food additives & preservatives testing.

More information about the food testing services provided by Alfa Chemistry, please visit the website:

About Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry is an analytical testing company that provides one-stop testing, analysis and technical support services in the areas of pharmaceutical analysis, environmental analysis, consumer product analysis, food analysis, and material analysis. As a professional testing and analysis organization, Alfa Chemistry has an experienced technical team that uses advanced analytical equipment and technology to meet the needs of different customers.

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