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All-round De Novo Sequencing Solutions Help Handle Antibody Issues at Ease – Creative Biolabs

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All-round De Novo Sequencing Solutions Help Handle Antibody Issues at Ease – Creative Biolabs

March 27
12:48 2020
Since the breakthrough made by Creative Biolabs on the de novo sequencing, Creative Biolabs’s scientific staff have been working devotedly to explore the Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing technology, with the aim of developing other functions as much as possible.

Creative Biolabs has long been a leading figure in the field of antibody analysis, design and engineering, which keeps providing customize one-stop solutions since establishment and has accumulated strong global reputation. In 2019, with the joint efforts of scientists, Creative Biolabs has unprecedentedly broken through the barrier of conventional sequencing methods and realized 100% precise identification of leucine and isoleucine by mass spectrometry, based upon the proprietary Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology. Since the success, scientists have excavated the use of DASS as far as possible, which is hereby applied in a series of associated sequencing services, including de novo antibody sequencing, de novo human/humanized antibody sequencing, and de novo TCR (T cell receptor) sequencing services.

De Novo Antibody Sequencing

Creative Biolabs accepts various orders for antibody sequencing, ranging from V and J and C segments, CDR3 region, fluorochrome mAbs, IgMs, to other non-standard antibodies, most of which can be accomplished within 10 working days unless asked for identifying leucine and isoleucine that calls for additional 2-3 weeks.

De Novo Human/Humanized Antibody Sequencing

Generating human or humanized antibodies to human antigens has always attracted researchers in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries who are working on alternative therapeutics of human diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and so on. With the help of DASS, researchers can obtain accurate sequence information of the antibodies during developing human/humanized therapeutic antibodies.

De Novo TCR Sequencing

It is practicable to sequence soluble and functional human or mouse TCR complexes (T cell receptor complexes: potential candidates of pharmaceutically acceptable formulations because of their ability to target specific antigens) in monomer and multivalent forms with 100% coverage of V(D)JC regions as well as excellent accuracy using the database assisted shotgun sequencing technique.

Utilizing the DASS technology, Creative Biolabs has made an improvement that no other company has ever achieved, that is, 100% accurate differentiation of the two crucial amino acids-leucine and isoleucine, which is hopeful to puzzle out relevant on-going researches, and therefore to make scientific advances.

“We invested as much time and energy as we can afford,” said the head of Creative Biolabs, “and we’re happy to see our efforts paid off.”

More details about the sequencing solutions or the technology can be reached at

About Creative Biolabs

Scientists at Creative Biolabs have been devotedly exploring in the field of biotechnology for more than 10 years, making the company a leading role in current times of advanced biotechnology. Surpassing many peers in the field, Creative Biolabs provides customize one-stop clinical research solutions that have always received appreciation from regular customers, covering antibody design, engineering and development. It is the improvement of precision medicine that is the ultimate goal of their professors and technicians.

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