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Dr. Paul J. Bailo Presents ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’

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Dr. Paul J. Bailo Presents ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’

March 27
14:12 2020
Dr. Paul J. Bailo’s ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’, a must-read for job seekers.

Dr. Paul J. Bailo, Executive – Digital Strategy, Data Analytics & Innovation and Adjunct professor at Columbia University is proud to present ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’  based on data analytic research. The all-encompassing tool allows people to gain vital knowledge and tips that can help them crack the complex process of virtual interviews. 

“I am delighted to present ‘The Essential Digital Interview Handbook’, a comprehensive tool designed to help you ace digital interviews,” says the brain behind the handbook, Dr. Paul J. Bailo. “I have tried my best to outline every single aspect of the virtual interview that should be capitalized upon. The book also includes professional tips that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.”

Dr. Paul J. Bailo has taken key principles from his first book, The Essential Phone Interview Handbook, and adapted them to meet the needs of today’s key platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and others. Dr. Bailo provides his readers with the best tools needed to crack digital interviews and land their dream jobs.

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook is split into three separate sections. They cover key areas of the interview process such as preparing, conducting and concluding. The book provides a step-by-step plan on how to prepare for and complete a digital job interview. 

With face to face interviews becoming difficult to organize and conduct, more and more companies are adapting to the remote interviewing process. It, therefore, becomes important for candidates to remain current with the processes and also to know what the employers are looking for during the digital interview. Many aspects such as appearance and external factors come into reckoning and play a crucial role in impacting the outcome of the virtual interview. 

The book covers vital aspects of a digital interview process such as:

  • How to prepare for the digital interview
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • How to establish a professional presence by using the correct microphone and camera
  • How and when to take the next step, and make a transition from virtual to in-person

Dr. Bailo states that most people come for digital interviews entirely unprepared. They sit down, turn the computer or camera on and simply begin without having any basic understanding of the processes. He opines that in a highly competitive job market job seekers need to become the actor, the director, and producer of the event. The Essential Digital Interview Handbook provides all the tools needed to produce a great storyline.  

Some of the reviews posted about this handbook are shared below:

“As promised, Paul Bailo really does provide the core components of what you need to be successful in your digital interviews as well as the information, insights, and counsel needed to prepare for and then achieve that success. The information, insights, and counsel that Paul Bailo provides in this book will be of greatest value to job candidates but much of it will also be of interest and value to those who interview them.” – Robert, Amazon

“This is an amazing book. The layout is a marvel in itself. You will find some useful practical tips for both company owners and job seekers. The detail to research, data analysis and insights are impeccable. The author shares some heartwarming stories that truly put the theory into action and immediately allows the reader to be part of the story and remember how to be a Hollywood star for your digital interviews.” – Sarah, Amazon

“Digital communication is here to stay, and The Essential Digital Interview Handbook teaches you how to master it.” – Annie Brussese, Syndicated Columnist, USA Today.

“Packed with practical tips to help you get ready for your close-up, this book is an essential tool for any job hunter who wants to ace digital media interviews and stand out from the crowd.” – Anne Fisher, career and workplace advice columnist, and

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other digital platforms. 

About Paul J. Bailo:

Paul J. Bailo is an executive of digital strategy and technology and creator of Phone Interview Pro – , a service that helps jobseekers hone their telephone job interview skills. He has been featured in leading media resources such as, Yahoo Hot Jobs, AOL Jobs,, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and US News & World Report. 

For more information about the book or author, please contact –

Phone Interview Pro Media at 203-258-1746.

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