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Entrepreneur Ignas Jurkonis and Hollywood actor Ian Ziering takes active part in fighting Corona virus (COVID-19)

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Entrepreneur Ignas Jurkonis and Hollywood actor Ian Ziering takes active part in fighting Corona virus (COVID-19)

March 27
11:52 2020

Starting Tuesday, March 24th, 2020, Unlimited Carrier Inc., based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, Dedicates More Than 50 Trucks to Transport Medical Supplies to Hospitals Free of Charge.

Countries around the world are doing their best to contain the impact of the coronavirus or COVID-19. The sudden increase of people needing medical care has placed a burden on the health care system. Many hospitals are running out of beds to care for infected patients, and they are also running out of vital supplies to treat those patients and to protect front-line medical staff.  

The primary factor in COVID-19’s spread is its infection rate. Those with the flu infect an average of one other person. Those with COVID-19, on the other hand, infect an average of three people. Medical experts estimate these numbers by learning about patient behavior and the areas they visited before showing symptoms. It’s important to remember these numbers are only based on the number of cases about which the medical world learns. Such observations create very worrying future predictions.

Some experts believe up to 14% of COVID-19 patients will require supplemental oxygen and other medical care. The rapid spread of COVID-19 combines with its often-mild symptoms to infect a large number of people. Most hospitals were not prepared to handle the massive influx of patients caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Since medical supplies are running out, many medical staff fear they won’t be able to provide care to everyone who needs it. Hospital staff say they don’t fear the coronavirus, as much as they worry about the shortage of protective gear to keep them from catching the disease and spreading it to patients.

Supply chain and flexibility for hospital deliveries becomes critical at this point. Hospitals during COVID-19 outbreak relies on a steady supply of medication and other inventory, any supply disruptions could cause severe consequences.

Some people and businesses are taking the COVID-19 outbreak as an opportunity to express companies’ values, inspire their employees and do good for others. Unlimited Carrier Inc. CEO Ignas Jurkonis has dedicated more than 50 trucks from his fleet to delivering medical supplies between hospitals and to those who need them the most. Free services of Unlimited Carrier Inc. will be provided with maximum speed and flexibility for deliveries.

Hollywood actor and friend Ian Ziering is supporting Ignas Jurkonis in his attempt to reduce the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. They hope that their efforts will make hospital supplies easier and more efficient. Ian Ziering and Ignas Jurkonis hope to act as an inspiring example to our communities and other operating businesses. They encourage creating resources and making them available to communities that could save lives and help those impacted to make a faster and full recovery.

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