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WIMI Hologram Cloud Building Its Leading Edge In AR Field Through The Holographic AR Ecosystem & Big Data

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WIMI Hologram Cloud Building Its Leading Edge In AR Field Through The Holographic AR Ecosystem & Big Data

March 27
23:16 2020
WIMI Hologram Cloud, a China AR company, is going to IPO on NASDAQ global market. The company is building its leading edge in AR field through the holographic AR ecosystem & big data.

WIMI believes that the next-generation cloud delivery technology provides the flexibility and scalability necessary for holographic AR experience. Cloud technology is of high importance to build WIMI’s comprehensive holographic AR ecosystem. WIMI has developed WIMI’s cloud architecture to work effectively in a flexible cloud environment that has a high degree of elasticity. Meanwhile, benefiting from WIMI’s cloud storage and connecting capabilities, users of WIMI’s integrated holographic AR software are able to access WIMI’s large-size holographic AR content library on their native devices.

WIMI has developed advanced data analytics capabilities to derive actionable insights from the large amounts of data WIMI collected from WIMI’s products and third party sources. Currently, WIMI has infiltrated a solid end-user base of approximately 350 million from which WIMI is able to collect raw data. WIMI’s processing capabilities enable us to manage extremely large volumes of data and deliver real-time analysis at scale, making it possible for us to continue to improve and innovate WIMI’s products and services. WIMI’s data mining and user behavioral data analytics technologies allow us to build and segment context-rich user profiles and apply such analysis in numerous applications. For instance, WIMI has created over 2,000 user tags by analyzing user data WIMI collected through WIMI’s holographic AR advertising services. WIMI is also in the process of developing ads performance tracking and evaluation tools.

Through WIMI’s proprietary image and video recognition technologies, WIMI’s software enables users to analyze the underlying video footages at a pixel level to identify ad spaces that can be augmented by 3D objects. Advertisers and their agencies purchase these ad spaces through application programming interface, or APIs, integrated with WIMI’s systems, specifying their target audience and budgets and typically providing the 3D models to be embedded in the videos. When the ad space is detected and 3D objects are generated, the 3D objects are embedded into the underlying streaming videos automatically on a batch-processing basis as determined by WIMI’s software.

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