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Qingdao International Cruise Home Port: Sailing to the Future

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Qingdao International Cruise Home Port: Sailing to the Future

March 28
00:32 2020

In 1968, Qingdao Port Coal Terminal was the first mechanized coal terminal in China designed and constructed by Qingdao itself.

On December 21, 1991, the Qingdao-U.S. East core liner “Xiang He” held its first sailing ceremony at berth 47 of pier 8.

Night view of cruise home port

Norwegian Joy Docks Qingdao Cruise Home Port

Aerial view of start-up area

More than one hundred years ago, Qingdao started from Dagang. After more than one hundred years of interdependence, mutual promotion and co-prosperity between the port and the city, Qingdao is looking to the future, relying on the mother port of international cruise ships, to create a new landmark for the next century’s history, so that the century-old port will shine with the times.

Coming from the vicissitudes of life

In 1891, the Qing government fortified Jiaoao and Qingdao was built. In 1892, Qingdao’s first modern artificial wharf-Qingdao trestle began to be built. In addition, the construction of the “Yamen Bridge” wharf south of the mouth of the Qingdao River was the beginning of Qingdao’s harbor construction.

In 1901, after the construction of Dagang began, the small harbor built on the basis of the former Dabao Island wharf was put into use, bringing a steady flow of goods and people. It was described as “a sea covered by sails and a sea covered by thousands of miles.”

In March 1904, five berths were built on the north bank of pier 1 and officially opened to the outside world, this is the first port in Qingdao to announce its opening to the outside world.

In 1906, wharf No.5 (part) of Dagang No.2 and No.4 in Jiaozhou Bay was built successively. There were six dedicated railway lines in the port connected with Jiaoji railway and connected with railway and highway in large areas of Shandong and North China to form a network. Qingdao port gradually became large-scale and Qingdao was increasingly connected with its surroundings.

Qingdao set up a special city in 1929, and Qingdao Port grew and grew with it. In February 1936, it completed Terminal 3.

From 1945 to 1949, Qingdao Port built 6 docks and 36 berths with a throughput of 720,000 tons in 1949.

Become a strong shipping port

With the liberation of Qingdao on June 2, 1949, Qingdao Port became a real port for the people. With the renovation and expansion of the wharfs destroyed during the war, the business scope of Qingdao Port has been continuously expanded.

The throughput of Qingdao Port reached 10 million tons in 1973.

Construction of pier 8 started in 1974.

Qingdao Port Passenger Station Completed in 1977.

In 1978, the throughput reached 20.2 million tons.

The Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee has made a major decision on reform and opening up. Qingdao has become one of the 14 coastal open cities. Qingdao Port has been pushed to the forefront of opening up by the times. It has entered a period of all-round and rapid development. While rebuilding the old port area, the strategic focus of Qingdao Port has gradually shifted westward across the sea.

In 1983, the first 200,000-ton crude oil export terminal in China-Qianwan Phase I project was started. In 1990, two 20,000-ton general cargo berths of the key project -Qianwan Phase I project during the national “Seventh Five-Year Plan” were put into operation simply.

After entering the new century, Qingdao sounded the clarion call to “advance to the west coast” and vigorously pushed forward the construction of Qianwan New District, which enabled Qingdao Port to cross Jiaozhou Bay and get rid of the restriction of the limited throughput capacity of the old port area, thus laying a solid foundation for future major layout adjustment and strategic development.

In 2001, the cargo throughput of the port reached 100 million tons, becoming a newly rising international port of 100 million tons.

Port cargo throughput reached 350 million tons in 2010.

A brand-new voyage of a century-old port

The design of Qingdao International Cruise Home Port takes the three major driving forces and blood connections as the main means to shape the future port of Vitality Star, trace back the historical context and inherit the cultural essence to stay in Qingdao memory. The project of detonating explosive points attracts people to pool and activate the vitality of the area; Continuation of Activation Heat to Promote Ideological Innovation and Guarantee Long-term Development.

Qingdao International Cruise Home Port will rely on the high-quality resources of the century-old port to gather the four major industries of cruise tourism, finance, trade, intelligence, innovation, commerce and culture, develop into a gathering place for Qingdao to open up modern, dynamic and fashionable elements, nurture a new platform for young people to grow, develop and start businesses, and build the core area of China Cruise Tourism Development Pilot Area (Qingdao), which is the ideological origin of Qingdao International Shipping Trade and Finance Innovation Center’s hosting area and the international resources docking.

According to the plan, the cruise home port area is divided into five major areas, namely, Le Hai Fang, Tan Hai Fang, Shang Hai Fang, Tong Hai Fang, Ju Hai Fang, which will be renovated in the near, medium and long term to gradually complete the overall transformation and upgrading of Dagang port area.

1. Le Hai Fang (start-up area) is a dynamic fashion theme section. Its planning function is to innovate cultural consumption, shopping, catering, business, office, travel, distribution and cruise service facilities, leading Qingdao’s fashion innovation industry, becoming a gathering place suitable for industry and tourism, developing and utilizing silo warehouses and other industrial storage buildings, and endowing new connotation and functions while leaving historical memory. The development and utilization of industrial storage buildings such as silo warehouses will give new connotation and functions while leaving behind historical memory. The existing silo at No.1 pier will be used to build a silo hotel silo exhibition center. Making use of No.2 depot to build a catering market; Building Qingdao Yuan Culture Center Comprehensive Expo Hall on the land between Number One and Number Two; Use high-tech light and shadow to create “Qingdao light” in the sea area between pier 1 and pier 2; Combined with the subway line 2 cruise home port station and its surrounding Dagang Xintiandi and other projects, the construction of a business office, tourism, distribution, leisure, entertainment, catering and shopping complex.

2. Tan Hai Fang is the theme plate of ocean exploration. Around the ocean headquarters economy, it cultivates emerging industries such as ocean and offshore finance, develops the ocean economy, and plans a 360-380 meter super high-rise landmark building.

3. Shang Hai Fang is a high-end service section for cruise ships. It plans to build an international school for cruise ship headquarters, etc. to build a high-end international cruise ship tourism destination and improve the service level of Qingdao International Cruise Home Port Area.

4. Tong Hai Fang is an ocean innovation and integration plate. It plans a marine science and technology theme exhibition hall for future ocean development, improves the service function of international cruise tourism destinations and optimizes Qingdao’s marine tourism system.

5. Ju Hai Fang is a comprehensive supporting livable plate, focusing on livable, livable, industry-friendly and tourism-friendly, and creating a good environment for entrepreneurship, work and living.

At the same time, the existing industrial historical and cultural relics such as the special railway line, wharf coastline, tide station, Jiaoao Customs, etc, in the port area will be preserved, and the memory of the port for a century will be preserved.

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