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Covid19 Self Screening Web App Launched To Help Identify Those At Risk

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Covid19 Self Screening Web App Launched To Help Identify Those At Risk

March 30
23:24 2020
A new free web app has been developed to help people understand if they are at risk of contracting the Coronavirus.

30th March, 2020 – There are more than 600,000 thousand people around the world who have been tested positive for the coronavirus, and more than 3 0,000 of those people have sadly lost their lives. According to health experts, they believe there are tens of thousands of more people walking around with the virus. To help people understand if they are at risk of coronavirus a new screening app has been launched.

The Free COVID-19 screening tool ( is a vital app that all people should add to their toolbar. It helps people understand if they are at a higher risk than other people to catch the virus that is spreading around the world. Since being launched it has helped people understand if they should self-isolate and take extra precautions to stay safe.

Since being launched, the COVID-19 screening tool has gained worldwide exposure and has been called by many as one of the most important health tools of 2020. It is easy to use and can allow people to know within minutes if they should be taking extra precautions to combat catching the virus that is estimated to kill at least one million people worldwide.

The screening tool will ask a series of questions, they include age, travel history, health conditions history, and how a person is currently feeling now. Once the information is provided, the screening tool will then digest that information and provide an answer if a person needs to be extra careful. As well as providing those results, it also provides important information on the coronavirus such as the signs that a person may have the virus.

When asked how important the screening tool is, a spokesman for the app replied: “There could be millions of people walking around not knowing if they have the virus. It is important to know straight away to gain treatment and stop the spread of the virus onto others. But our app is more than that. We want to let people know if they are at risk. Our app could and will save lives.”

Those that have used the app have said it needs to be shared around the world. At a time when people are not sure if they are at risk or not, this app can provide a positive answer.

To learn more about the new app, and to see how it works, please visit

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