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Leading the new global retail trend, AUCURATE has formally laid out the Chinese market

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Leading the new global retail trend, AUCURATE has formally laid out the Chinese market

March 31
16:50 2020

Because of the global spread of COVID-19, a large number of traditional retail industries have been hit worldwide.  Many countries have successively started emergency situations and announced home-staying orders. The consumer goods market has been greatly challenged to find new ways out. Among many brands, Australian beauty brand AUCURATE seized the opportunity under the crisis and began to lay out a new pattern suitable for local retail formats in the world, especially investing all its resources in China, which has gradually recovered from the epidemic, and positioning it as a strategic market in the future.

The sudden COVID-19 blocked passenger flow and logistics.  Loss of passenger flow in stores and sluggish sales of commodities have become common phenomena in the retail industry. Industry structure and consumption trend suddenly became unknown. However, economic observers analysis: “Now is the worst and best time for physical retail.” Although the global economic downturn and consumption damage caused by the COVID-19 epidemic have hit real retail hard, powerful retail brands can find new expansion opportunities in the retail model and relationship changes. If the longer-term future of the industry is predicted from the crisis, many industries, including the retail industry, will enter a reshuffle stage after experiencing the “reshuffle” of the epidemic, and further deep structural changes will occur.

Originated in Australia, AUCURATE was developed by the Australian medical team. Based on the concept of “NATURE CURE”, AUCURATE integrates natural therapy into the research and development of skin care products. In the development process, the Australian team drew inspiration from Chinese traditional medicine, relying on accurate western ingredient science, and innovatively introduced some methods of eastern pharmacology, so that skin care products played more natural and original effects. AUCURATE’s first MARINE series is specially focused on basic care.  Based on the subjective and objective analysis of more than 13,000 survey samples, three products with the most extensive market demand, namely clean nourishing soap, deep repairing facial mask and nourishing cream with skin repairing function, were introduced. Rare raw materials such as red algae and fish glue from the sea were extracted to make the products “visible, safe and reliable”. 

AUCURATE’s marketing strategy in China is especially noteworthy. Instead of choosing shopping malls as the preferred channel or even giving up the traditional e-commerce platform, the brand has turned its attention to the new retail position based on social interaction. Through self-building of small Apps under WeChat, self-building of flow pools and social networking, the social marketing mode is taken as the core of the brand. Isis, AUCURATE’s chief public relations officer, said, “In the Chinese market, AUCURATE must conform to the thinking mode and living habits of Chinese consumers. WeChat is a necessary instant messaging application for almost every Chinese.  Building a sales system with WeChat is definitely more meaningful than competing advertising prices in public flow.” 

The weakness shown by the global retail market cannot be alleviated under the unprecedented financial stimulus plan of various countries under the epidemic situation.  The more difficult task now is how to introduce consumption into the new relationship structure. The really significant move of AUCURATE this time is to really integrate digital technology into the management of retail sales and truly solve the loose social and business relationship management of consumers and agents. Nina, vice president of marketing for AUCURATE China, said AUCURATE’s digital technology has a circulation foundation in design.  At present, it is already making relevant preparations for accessing the international market. The incentive plan in China is currently only open to partner at the shareholder level. According to the current development speed of Q1, the first phase partner may be very surprised.

In addition, due to the global COVID-19 epidemic, AUCURATE’s original plan to complete investment promotion cooperation in Europe and southeast Asia by June 2020 has now been officially postponed to June 2021. 

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