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AN Qibang, An Artist Who Extols Life and Warms the World with Colorful Thoughts

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AN Qibang, An Artist Who Extols Life and Warms the World with Colorful Thoughts

March 31
17:54 2020

Recently, an art book of a collection of An Qibang’s abstract paintings and abstract art’s researches, The Rhythm of Thoughts, was published by Xlibris, one of the largest publishers in the United States. The artbook is about to put on shelves to meet with readers through world-renowned bookstores as Amazon, Google, eBay, and Barnes & Nobel, both online and offline.


The COVID-19 virus is spreading globally now. In the critical moment when people are facing death challenges, An Qibang’s passionate and powerful abstract paintings encourage our fighting spirits, comfort our souls, and arouse our love and respect for life. At the same time, they inspire us to think and guide us to find the direction of life.

An Qibang was born in 1956 in Changwu, Shaanxi, China. It was a special historical period in China. Little An Qibang was politically persecuted because of his class origin. He was often tied up and paraded on the streets even beaten.The entire village isolated him and his family. Suffering from mental torture, An Qibang fled from his hometown when he was very young, came to a sparsely populated desert town of western China finding a new life, but the environment was arduous to search. The painful experience tempered his will and matured his thoughts. The young and destitute An Qibang conquered all difficulties, survived with his wisdom and tenacious perseverance. He grew from an apprentice in the jade business to a remarkable entrepreneur in the jade industry. Later, he created the abstract painting Path Breaker based on his struggle process which is used as the cover of this book.

An Qibang loved painting since his childhood. In his new life, he was engaged in business while making an indissoluble bond with art. He first studied traditional Chinese painting; then started to study oil painting. Art is the key to open hearts. An Qibang often thinks in front of the canvas; he felt the movement and change of everything in the world, the intricacy and impermanence of fate. He was often puzzled that there were so many pictures in his mind that he didn’t know how to present them. He was often floundering about there were so many thoughts in his mind that he didn’ t know how to express them.

Until more than two decades ago, in a gallery in Europe, An Qibang was fascinated by the abstract paintings with Kandinsky as the flag bearer. He finally found a way to express his thoughts, he could make the depressed feelings in his heart come out. Through a series of works, such as Separation of the Chaos, Fire of Hell, Water is Spirit, The Other Side, and Back to Home. He started to fully and delightfully express feelings deep in his heart, the awe of nature, courage of life, love of life, and the pursuit of faith.

Separation of the Chaos 74cm X 53cm

We never deny the existence of genius. An Qibang, although without training by a formal fine arts academy, has made great success in abstract painting creation. His artworks surprised us. The vibrant colors and full spirits warm our soul, touched our body and mind. His artworks have been invited to charity auctions in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and other places toured in Paris, London, Tokyo, Turkey, and other metropolises, and collected by American collectors, British, Belgian and Thai royal family members.

In this challenging period of globally epidemic fighting, let’s read An Qibang’s art theory book, The Rhythm of Thoughts, to look for warm comfort, the power of waiting, tomorrow’s hope.

Early Spring 53cm X 74cm

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