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Webuy Group’s Haoyiku Cloud Store has launched Cloud Store, aiming to become Shopify in China’s private e-commerce

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Webuy Group’s Haoyiku Cloud Store has launched Cloud Store, aiming to become Shopify in China’s private e-commerce

May 18
22:09 2020

On May 16, the 2020 Haoyiku Cloud Store Global Conference was successfully held at the InterContinental Hotel in Hangzhou, which marked the official launch of Haoyiku Cloud Store, a new project of Haoyiku Cloud Store, in China. Haoyiku Cloud Store, the leader of private brand special sales, upgrades from supply chain, products, training, operation and service systems to meet the new round of e-commerce changes in a better state.

At the press conference, & CEO Gui Gu, founder of Webuy Group, delivered a speech to analyze the cloud store trend from the perspective of the industry.

Wu Qianqiang said: “E-commerce has developed for more than 10 years. Taobao has enabled everyone to buy things online, reducing the cost of opening a shop from 100,000 yuan for offline stores to only tens of thousands of yuan for opening a Taobao store. This is the change of e-commerce 10 years ago. 

Now, the way of selling goods by PC and APP has touched the ceiling, and it is becoming more and more difficult to increase. Short video, live broadcast, community and private e-commerce selling goods are becoming the new trend of the times.  The rise of Pinduoduo is the manifestation of this wave of e-commerce.

This year’s epidemic has made more people realize that online things are an inevitable trend and a wave that cannot be missed. The launch of the cloud store will enable people who want to open a shop to reduce the cost to “0”, and behind them there will be hundreds of people to help them find good products around the world, hundreds of technical teams to develop good product tools for them, and hundreds of customer service teams to help them solve after-sales service.

This is an opportunity for tens of millions of service providers of purchasing (small b)-new e-commerce.”

“There are three main stocks in the stock market today: 1. Recovering from the epidemic, the stock price is still at the bottom; 2. The stock price has rebounded to the level before the year.  3. The new situation, new infrastructure and new economy have seen share prices reach new highs. Take US stocks as an example. The most typical examples are Zoom, a video conference service platform, and Shopfiy, a global initiator of private traffic operations, a 500 billion-dollar e-commerce platform. “Wu Qianqiang said at the first executive roundtable of Haoyiku Cloud Store on April 25.

“In the market, money is the most sensitive.  Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company listed in the United States, has risen 55% so far this year and its market value has exceeded 500 billion yuan, making it Canada’s second largest listed company by market value. Shopify’s business focuses on building independent sites and APP for e-commerce and physical stores, as well as a back-office warehouse information management system, while providing social media traffic services. Shopify cooperates with high-traffic platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help businesses get into private traffic positions.

In China, there is also an opportunity to provide professional services for small b.” 

The launch of Haoyiku Cloud Store is a one-touch shop tool for owners of private traffic, providing more small and medium-sized individuals with opportunities for light entrepreneurship and win-win teamwork. What Haoyiku Cloud Store needs to do is to provide small and micro entrepreneurs with a complete set of services such as one-touch shop tools, commodity management tools, after-sales service, logistics, live broadcast tools, and source selection.

Wu Qiangqiang said: “Webuy Group will support the development of the cloud store project through in-depth cooperation with 10,000 brand names, 300,000 hours of purchasing and selecting ability, 50 million system tools for R&D investment, and 300,000,000 market investment.” 

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