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Digital Cinema – The One Platform Where Artists Showcase Their Talents Without Rejection

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Digital Cinema – The One Platform Where Artists Showcase Their Talents Without Rejection

July 06
22:00 2020

As an artist one of the challenges one faces is rejections, that encounter that leaves you with the feeling that you’re not good enough. Having face similar situation Arian Romal CEO and Founder of Digital Cinema today is happy to lift this burden and welcome all hard working Artists, Film Makers, Directors, DOPs to showcase their works and talents through Digital Cinema.

“As an artist myself I’ve had a lot of rejections throughout my career…

Every rejection which I received made me work harder and do my best to excel and prove myself. But when rejections turn to bullying and misuse of power, then no matter how hard you work or how talented you are, you won’t be able to get the apparition you deserve.” – Arian Romal

Having faced rejection  Arian Romal  worked assiduously for 3 years building the world’s Biggest Party App called LetsPartii® with physical offices in 5 countries and digital presence in over 50 countries.

There the seed of Digital Cinema was sowed.

“To be honest, I have always been galvanized on being challenged which makes me alter and find ways to make my talent and creativity shine. As I always tell my friends and family that if your opponent cheats in the game, you better change the game.” – Arian Romal

Digital Cinema is all about the hard working Artists, Film Makers, Directors, DOPs, and countless Talents who never get the opportunity to showcase their work.

Changing the game and rules of entertainment industry; beginning with the age old saying

“Talent is not enough” however Arian believes otherwise “Talent is ENOUGH and it should be Enough!”

Also another saying which goes like “You need to be at the right place, at the right time with the right people”, Hear Arian “that’s utterly Nonsense!!!

Now only Talent and hard work will speak out, with the audience being the judge and jury eradicating all the hassle to let one focus only one’s work and talent.

It’s always easier said than done, however with Digital Cinema you get a platform to showcase your talent and content to the public – all the Films, Short Films, Documentaries and other content without any Corporate, Nepotism or Monopoly games.

Bringing the feel of the old school cinema back with a Digital twist and opening doors for numerous known and unknown creators, from the biggest Film Studios to the struggling/learning artist or a student who is trying to make a mark all filters-free!

With Digital Cinema #TalentMatters

Current Cinema Scenario

The Cinemas on the ground is under a lot of pressure, as they may soon see the fate as that of the live theatres with only a few remaining and struggling to survive.

Reality being the World as a whole with us is still healing from a pandemic, which has changed the entire way and lifestyle of people living and consuming things. Every single human being in the world was forced to stay indoors, which has become the ‘New Normal’; where they are being entertained at home under lockdown. Making it ever more prominent that Digital is the present and future, with it being a big part of our lives now!

It’s time to take the Cinema to the Cloud…

Why Digital Cinema?

On one hand where distinct platforms are trying to control the market and create their own content called as “Originals” with their primary goal being to dominate and control the entire Entertainment/Film market.

On the other hand, Digital Cinema provide you an equal international platform and release opportunity eradicating all the barriers of genre and language as they believe in representing pure Talent and Work where you get to exhibit and earn and not settle for less again.

Join the Community as a Content Partner:

• Apply for an account as content creator

• Register your work

• Start selling tickets right away

• Showcase your work to the world

• Let the people decide what they think about your content

We are Talent, We are Art, we are Creators, we are entertainment community, We are ONE.

Welcome to The Future

Welcome to Digital Cinema


For Registration go to: Or send an email to: [email protected]

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