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Feel the coolness – “Summer” The 4th China Anji Water Play Festival opens in Shanghai

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Feel the coolness – “Summer” The 4th China Anji Water Play Festival opens in Shanghai

August 06
06:05 2020

In order to further promote and display Anji’s rich tourism resources, on the afternoon of August 2, the opening ceremony of the 4th China Anji Water Festival and the 2020 Anji (Shanghai) Cultural Tourism Promotion Event was held on Huangpu River Cruise Ship in Shanghai. This promotion conference is co-sponsored by Anji County Committee of the Communist Party of China and Anji County People’s Government, this promotion meeting shows Anji cultural tourism products to Shanghai through tourism promotion, interactive lottery and song and dance performances. Chen Dongling, Party Secretary and Director of the Shanghai Office of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, Xiao Ying, deputy investigator of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, and Zhuo Ya, deputy director of the Shanghai Feng Xian District Culture and Tourism Bureau, attended the meeting, and relevant leaders from the Yangtze River Delta, Representatives of cultural and tourism enterprises and news media attended.

Anji County is located in the northwest of Zhejiang Province and is famous for its bamboo. The county has more than 1 million mu of bamboo forests with a forest coverage rate of 71%, which is known as the “first bamboo town in China”. As the first ecological county in China, Anji not only has landscape resources comparable to the world, but also has a long history and profound cultural heritage, and is known as the hometown of Chang Shuo culture.

Adhering to the concept of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, 15 years, Anji County to “two mountains” concept as the leading protection of the ecological environment. Under the background of the deepening development of tourism in the whole area, the tourism industry has become one of the new pillar industries leading the rapid economic development of Anji County.

(Ren Guiming, deputy head of the People’s Government of Anji County, delivering a speech)

Xiao Ying, deputy researcher of Shanghai Pudong New Area Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, making a speech

(Fei Chengcheng, general manager of Ctrip Government Cooperation Department, East China Region release anji summer tourism big data report and summer forecast)

Ren Gui Ming, deputy head of Anji County People’s Government, Anji water as a medium, launched a series of water preferential policies, welcome more Shanghai tourists to Anji to enjoy the bamboo sea, rural leisure slow life, feel the different landscape nature.

It is reported that “Go to Anji to play with water” has become the main brand of summer tourism in Anji since the opening of the first China (Anji) Water Festival in 2016. At present, tourism industry clusters such as water parks, rafting, bamboo rafts, kayaks and large hotels that live by the water have been formed, and Anji’s tourism industry based on water is booming.

With the theme of “the origin of fate gathers beautiful Anji”, this promotion conference focuses on a series of water-playing projects with unique tourism influence in Anji County. In the form of pictures and texts, the site introduced the four well-received Anji water-playing projects, such as the amusement park carnival water system, the thrilling canyon float, the romantic interesting stream float, and the beautiful bamboo raft float.

At the meeting, Anji County and Shanghai leaders jointly announced the official launch of the 4th China Anji Water Festival. Live, the characteristics of song and dance performances, raffle interactive games, play water experience teachers play and share the event atmosphere to the climax. Organizers are more live guests to bring a benefit, that is, during this year’s Anji Water Festival, the name of the name with the word “water” guests can use the ID card in July 5 to October 7 unlimited trip to Angie all water sports.

In addition to the tourism promotion activities, Anji Culture and Tourism Bureau held the “bamboo Night” trunk market in Changtai Square, Shanghai in the afternoon the scene of more than 20 tourism goods, rafting, scenic spots and other enterprises to bring their own unique Products, and released for the Shanghai citizens to play water preferential policies, for the public to provide a new experience to visit the market, shopping for goods.

Drinking a river together, Anji and Shanghai have an indissoluble fate. This promotion meeting is an important measure for Anji County to integrate into the Yangtze River Delta, open up the tourism market in East China and enhance Anji’s tourism popularity. Through this promotion activity, not only can show Anji’s charm of the tourist city in all aspects, attract more Shanghai residents to come to leisure vacation, tourism, at the same time, further enhance the “water festival” market influence, so that Anji become the Yangtze River Delta’s most competitive summer tourist city.

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