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Weibo Invests in WIMI to Accelerate the Construction of Hologram AR

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Weibo Invests in WIMI to Accelerate the Construction of Hologram AR

August 25
01:26 2020

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Weibo Invests in WIMI to Accelerate the Construction of Hologram AR’. According to SEC, WIMI Hologram Cloud, a leading holographic AR application platform in China, announced the closing of WIMI’s public offering. Participants in the offering are a selected group of institutional investors, including WB Online Investment Limited, an affiliate of Weibo Corporation. It is understood that the WIMI’s financing this time will further expand the holographic AR field, establish deeper competition barriers, and accelerate the construction of the holographic AR ecosystem. It will be used for technical research and development on the one hand, and strategic acquisition and investment on the other.

Weibo is a social media platform based on user relationships. Users can access through various mobile terminals such as PCs and mobile phones, and realize instant information sharing, dissemination of information in multimedia forms such as text, pictures, and videos. Based on the architecture of the public platform, Weibo provides a simple and unprecedented way for users to publish content publicly and in real time; meanwhile, it enables users to interact with others and be closely connected with the world. Weibo has changed the way of information dissemination and realized the instant sharing of information. At the same time, it is believed that as the user base of Weibo continuous to increase, Chinese enterprises should continue to conduct advertising marketing on the Weibo platform, and the amount of investment will be relatively larger. The strategic investment of Weibo and WIMI also achieved a win-win result in multiple dimensions.

AR technology is a new technology that seamlessly superimposes the real world and the virtual world. It applies virtual information to the real world and is perceived by the human senses to achieve sensory experience beyond reality. Currently, AR technology and industry have been extensively innovated and developed at home and abroad. Large enterprises such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple have developed this technology in depth. Apple CEO Cook believes that AR technology is an important trend in the future, and eventually, AR will become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. We believe that the biggest revolution of the mobile Internet is the revolution of scenes, and the further revolution in the future is the revolution of display scenes. It is entirely possible that AR will replace mobile phones as the next generation of mobile communication terminals.

Unlike VR, AR will have a broader consumer market space. First, the AR experience is easier to implement, and the hardware configuration requirements are low and easy to access. It can rely on the mobile platform to achieve a consumer explosion. Secondly, AR is based on the natural properties of reality, which makes it more capable of diversified business values such as marketing and social interaction in addition to entertainment. Meanwhile, AR enables consumers to have a visual understanding of the product. In the next 5-10 years, after mobile AR attracts major enterprises with its virtue of penetration rate and low cost, enterprise-level AR will grow steadily, covering manufacturing, construction, medical, education, transportation, and other fields.

The changes that AR may bring to the fields such as movies and live broadcasts are all supported by the content behind them. In the next 5-10 years, AR will be widely accepted by the public. From mobile phones to glasses to light field technology, although AR carriers are changing, the only constant is the content carried by AR. In the market environment where Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and other large enterprises are doing hardware and technology underlying AR, WIMI’s leading holographic IP will form a complementary ecological chain to large enterprises.

Compared with its domestic counterparts, WIMI has established a comprehensive holographic AR content library, with holographic AR content formats covering from 3D models to holographic short videos. Besides, WIMI works with a variety of content owners, including brand owners, film producers, and talent agents, to transform high-quality IP into AR.

With the iteration of AR hardware terminals, more and more subdivided application scenarios will be discovered, and the implementation of 5G is expected to accelerate the outbreak of the AR industry ecological system.

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