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Bryan LeRoy – overcoming generates influence

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Bryan LeRoy – overcoming generates influence

September 25
21:33 2020
Bryan LeRoy - overcoming generates influence

Bryan LeRoy IG @bryanleroy_ the Brazilian Influencer who went from sleeping in his car in Switzerland, having to sleep in sneakers because of the cold, from sleeping on the floor of a restaurant where he worked, to today helping families around the globe.

Despite the difficulties, Bryan fought in an honorable way and never lost his values ​​or his integrity, as he had unshakable faith, for several months working on his project without having any money – he almost loses his car where he was living, and everything he had, except his faith.

With his daughter, he goes through great difficulties, sleeping in a trailer, camping places, in his car in the winter, and wherever he takes refuge at night, keeping the hope that better days will come.

Bryan’s story goes through this feeling of completeness and that can be felt with even more vigor by those who have gone through moments of profound discouragement and deprivation.

Bryan LeRoy is a determined man, good at his job, and uses all his skills to try to bring a significant community change.

In an interview, Bryan says:

For every bad situation, there is a way out, I want to be a spark to show what you can become. Don’t learn from people’s success, learn from their mistakes, so when you make one, you know how to deal with it.

Bryan today is producing one of the most inspiring projects – BEYOND SKILLS IG @beyondskillsofficial in partnership with the TOP influencers worldwide, creating videos, where 100% of the money collected from the videos will be donated to the least fortunate children in the world.

His project today is delivering 9 tons of food, medicaments, wheelchair for kids with disabilities, and éducation programs.

Bryan LeRoy overcoming failure:

Media Contact
Company Name: Beyond Skills
Contact Person: Bryan Leroy
Email: Send Email
Phone: +5541997164584
City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland