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Sandy Rodriguez’s new book “Choose to Prevail” receives a warm literary welcome

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Sandy Rodriguez’s new book “Choose to Prevail” receives a warm literary welcome

October 10
10:08 2020
Sandy Rodriguez's new book "Choose to Prevail" receives a warm literary welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction – Self Help book “Choose to Prevail” by Sandy Rodriguez, currently available at

Readers’ Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet. They have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the “Best Websites for Authors” and “Honoring Excellence” awards from the Association of Independent Authors. They are also fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies.

Reviewed By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

I have seen so many so-called professionals over the years, all of whom claim to know the almighty cure to my Deafness, Depression, PTSD, and myriad more ailments that remain a mystery to me. Choose to Prevail: Unexpected Insights to Help You Overcome Challenges examines intrusive, unwelcome thoughts, and mental illness from a different and positive standpoint. Written by Sandy Rodriguez, it does not show that “the rest of the world has it harder than you” or that “this is how to do it right.” Instead, Sandy expresses different hardships she has encountered through much of her life – many hardships which brought a lot of my own painful moments to the surface – and gave me a different way to look at them so that I may understand them. Whether it be bankruptcy, divorce, death, or losing a loved one, Choose to Prevail presents a new aspect which shows you that you are not alone and that you can and will make it through.

I must admit that when I started reading Sandy Rodriguez’s words, I had a substantial amount of cynicism due to my own life’s journey and extreme challenges. But learning a new way to think of these hardships and challenges made for an enlightening read. While I may not have yet lost a parent, I have lost a child – one of the most painful things any parent can ever go through. As I continued to read and started looking at my own problems through Sandy Rodriguez’s eyes, not only did I take comfort that I am not alone in this world (regardless of how much it seems to be so at any given time), but also that there is a light at the end of each and every tunnel, no matter how many obstacles are in the way. Choose to Prevail is an extremely insightful book and I am confident that I will be reading it more than just once. With so many challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead in today’s terrifying world, it is a breath of fresh air that I no longer need to internalize each and every problem that comes my way. I wholeheartedly recommend Choose to Prevail: Unexpected Insights to Help You Overcome Challenges to all readers aged 15 and over.

You can learn more about Sandy Rodriguez and “Choose to Prevail” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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