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CHINA-MNT Fascia Technology from China – one of the four Major Fascia School of Thoughts in the World

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CHINA-MNT Fascia Technology from China – one of the four Major Fascia School of Thoughts in the World

October 13
19:28 2020

The Fascia Conference has been held four times since 2007, and the number of papers on fascia research has increased exponentially in recent years. Fascia has become the darling of the medical rehabilitation industry. Countries all over the world are conducting research and development on fascia technology through experiments, anatomy, and clinical aspects.

At present, there are several countries with relatively large international fascia research: one is Tomas.W Myers in the United States, his “Anatomy Train”; the second is the Italian Stecco family; the third is Robert Schleip (German), he found Fascia Exercise and Fascia Fitness. Today, I will introduce CHINA-MNT, a fascial technology which is founded by Mr. Ju Qianjun from China.

CHINA-MNT technology is based on absorbing the essence of other fascia technologies in the world, and combines modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Taoist medical culture and philosophy, geometry, biomechanics, natural medicine, functional medicine, energy medicine, and immunology. And other theories and ideas: using clinical cases as the main research method, CHINA-MNT is particularly focused on the study of the relationship between pain and posture, paying attention to the impact of biomechanics on human health, and has conducted a lot of research and clinical practice on scoliosis,gradually formed his own unique fascia theory and treatment method.

Below we will introduce CHINA-MNT technology:

Machete Nation Technolegy is referred to as CHINA-MNT. The tool is being used by the CHINA-MNT therapist looks like a cold weapon knife, so it is called a fascial knife. The treatment process of the fascial knife is smooth and flowing, and the posture is chic. The therapist is just like the swordsman in the Chinese arena culture, hence the name “Swordsman Clan”!

The fascia records the patient’s lifelong injury history and leaves various traces on the body’s posture. CHINA-MNT technology evaluates the posture of the human body in the three-dimensional space, and combines the palpation of the related problems of the fascia line to analyze the cause of pain and the compensation mode. Utilizing the ductility and plasticity of the fascia, using the CHINA-MNT fasciotomy tool, combined with special techniques, restore the balance of the human body’s fascial lines of force in the three-dimensional space. Solve the pain fundamentally and achieve the goal of synchronous recovery of posture and body line. This is the core technology of CHINA-MNT!

CHINA-MNT has some unique insights on fascia:

First of all, CHINA-MNT technology emphasizes that the human body has only one fascia network presented in a three-dimensional structure in space. CHINA-MNT combines its own clinical research on different international fascia technology schools. The founder, Mr. Ju Qianjun, has already proposed himself, the myofascial line has made continuous breakthroughs in technology, but in essence, CHINA-MNT believes that the human body has only one integrated fascia, unlike other technologies that emphasize fascial lines, CHINA-MNT emphasizes the integrity of the fascia.

Second: CHINA-MNT technology emphasizes: Pain is not a disease, on the contrary, pain is an indispensable alarm mechanism for self-protection in the history of biological evolution. Pain is the normal reaction of living beings in the wrong mode. Therefore, the CHINA-MNT technology follows the principle of “emphasis on the pattern, less symptom”. Pay attention to evaluate and analyze the wrong pattern that causes pain, and then solve the pattern to eliminate symptoms, and activate the body’s self-healing ability to achieve the goal of radical cure. The pursuit of radical cure is also a very different aspect of CHINA-MNT technology.

The CHINA-MNT technology believes that pain can be cured, and aims to do so. Compared with other international fascia technologies, although CHINA-MNT lacks some modern experimental features, the large number of clinical success cases of CHINA-MNT are impressive and provide the most powerful practical evidence for the theory of CHINA-MNT! At the same time, CHINA-MNT emphasizes that fascial science has verified that fascia is the protagonist of pain, and that it is the most effective way to solve pain through fascia.

Third: CHINA-MNT emphasizes that the genetic blueprints of all living things are survival! Even the most primitive cells, the biological blueprint for survival, will use a compensation model to ensure the principle of survival with the principle of minimal damage to the body. The cells in the fascial system also follow this basic principle. This is the prerequisite for all physical technologies to be effective. It is also a major premise for CHINA-MNT technology to be cured. It is also the most important core idea in CHINA-MNT technology! Believe in the self-healing ability of the human body and activate the self-healing ability of the human body.

Fourth: CHINA-MNT technology emphasizes that the human body is an endoskeletal organism. This makes our human tension balance mainly dependent on the balance of the fascial system, different from exoskeleton creatures, the bones of the human body are originally irregular, so the slight deformation of the bones will not cause excessive influence on the structure of the human body. It is believed that the formation mechanism of bone spurs and intervertebral discs is not only the balance mechanism of the skeletal system, but also is caused by chronic tension of the fascia. It is believed that bone spurs, intervertebral disc problems, and slight bone deformation can be recovered through compensation and adjustment of the fascial system. In addition, CHINA-MNT believes that the fascia can compensate for congenital deficiencies and acquired injuries, in order to balance the structure and avoid pain, which makes it possible to effectively solve the pain caused by the body’s congenital problems and acquired injuries. The clinical case also verified the theory of CHINA-MNT.

Fifth: Questioned the argument of joint wear and irreversibility, and put forward the “human tissue self-erosion theory” to explain joint damage and the phenomenon of articular cartilage self-recovery after CHINA-MNT treatment. Using this theory, CHINA-MNT has done a large number of joint injury cases and even clinical cases of meniscus 3 degree injury. Traditional theories generally believe that meniscus damage is irreversible. Due to space limitations, this article does not give much introduction to this theory. Those who are interested can learn about CHINA-MNT technology related works.

Sixth: CHINA-MNT believes that it is meaningless to be independent of the individual, and everyone’s disease is a unique and complete story. For example: What we want to solve is not only lumbar muscle strain, but also the lumbar muscle strain of “someone”. Putting aside the subject of “people”, it is meaningless to simply discuss lumbar muscle strain. Therefore, CHINA-MNT emphasizes personalized and targeted treatment strategies. Different treatments should be adopted for different people.

Seventh: The biggest difference between fascia and muscle is that muscle provides tension, and fascia transmits tension. Therefore, the pathological fascia will first have problems in transmitting tension and appear structural abnormalities. Therefore, CHINA-MNT solves the culprit by analyzing the patient’s wrong posture model in three-dimensional space, and combining with the patient’s occupation, exercise habits, injury history and other information to analyze the compensation model after fascia injury! CHINA-MNT organizes the densification or fibrosis points in the pathological area of the fascia (widely referred to as trigger points or trigger points) into VP points (victim points), which are points of outbreak symptoms. CP point (Compensation Point) is the trigger point that is formed spontaneously by the body to balance the structure and avoid pain after the body has symptoms. And CC point (Crime Culprit), it is emphasized that not all points have therapeutic significance. The wrong point can only relieve the symptoms, and sometimes even worsen them. Only by solving the real CC points can it be cured.

Eighth: CHINA-MNT has many special techniques. Tools can help CHINA-MNT therapists provide better shearing force and position CC points more accurately. Shearing force is used to open the adhesion of the fascia, and slight inflammation is used to open the densification and fibrosis of the fascia. However, CHINA-MNT technology emphasizes that inflammation has two opposite effects on the fascia: it can open the fascia to densify, and it can also increase the densification of the fascia. Learning how to use inflammation correctly is the key to CHINA-MNT technology.

Finally, the most impressive aspect of CHINA-MNT is that it has a large number of successful cases. It not only includes all kinds of acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, postoperative rehabilitation, but also many systemic diseases, and a large number of scoliosis correction cases. CHINA-MNT has attracted wide attention in China for its “fast results”, “high stability” and no need for patients to perform exercise rehabilitation in the later stage.

Fascia originated from the meridian of Chinese medicine and will eventually return to China! Development in China! CHINA-MNT-a fascial school of thought from China, one of the four major fascial school of thoughts in the world, is still on the way!

Mr. Ju Qianjun and his students all over the world

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