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“Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains” Urban Design International Competition results announced

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“Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains” Urban Design International Competition results announced

November 06
06:56 2020

Lishui Gives A Beautiful Answer to “Landscape City”!

What should a landscape city, a beautiful Chinese city look like?

On November 3, the award ceremony of “Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains” Urban Design International Competition and the “Landscape City” forum activity revealed a variety of rich and beautiful answers. The event was sponsored by the Lishui Municipal People’s Government and undertaken by the Lishui Development and Reform Commission and the “Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains” Project Planning and Construction Leading Group Office.

The event invited Mr. Cui Kai, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice chairman of the Architectural Society of China; Mr. Jiaming Cao, chairman of the Shanghai Architectural Society and editor-in-chief of “Architectural Practice”; Mr. Ma Yansong, founder of MAD Architects, a famous architect; Mr. Zhou Jian, President of Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute and director of China Urban Planning Association; Mr. Ma Weidong, director of the Japanese Architecture and Urban Magazine and founder of One Fifth, and nine design experts are the judges of this competition. More than 80 planners and architects from well-known planning and architectural design firms at home and abroad, more than 30 public and professional architectural media, representatives from government departments and enterprises, nearly 300 people in total attended the conference. The famous Chinese director and producer Mr. Zhang Jizhong was invited to attend the event and give a speech.

Beginning in March 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed to create unique modern editions of Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains at the 13th National People’s Congress, the 8th meeting of the 19th Politburo, the 11th issue of “Seeking Truth” and different occasions. On November 23, 2018, the 13th executive meeting of the Zhejiang Provincial Government proposed that “we must focus on the construction of beautiful villages…, with the integration of urban and rural development as the mainline,…create the Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains in a new era.”

In order to implement the guiding spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Provincial Party Committee and government, focusing on the practice and innovation of the “two mountains” concept, taking the lead in “three carriers” of ecological civilization demonstration zone, the most beautiful core area of Zhejiang Grand Garden, and Zhejiang (Lishui) comprehensive reform and innovation zone of green development, Lishui is the first to explore and practice the value realization mechanism of ecological products in the country, and innovate to make good use of the three golden keys of “Cross-Mountain Planning, Innovative Leadership, and Asking for the Help of the Sea” to strive to promote the realization of “becoming rich” by “greening” first, and then accelerate the realization of “strengthening” so that the high level of ecological civilization construction and the high quality green development can become Lishui’s development direction of the future bright.

To further explore the road of high-quality green development with distinctive characteristics of Lishui, in August 2019, Lishui City conducted a unique study on the planning and construction of the “Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains” project and took the lead in launching the “Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains” planning plan in the medium leisure area of the urban area. Along the 38 kilometers of Oujiang River, following the idea of “beading into a chain”, a modern version of “Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains” is planned and developed, and the overall planning and development of the 152 square kilometers of urban medium leisure area.

In order to create a good standard of “Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains”, Lishui City innovated the model of “Asking for the help of the Sea” by virtue of the wisdom of global designers, the Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains·Urban Design International Competition was launched in September 2019 in full swing: December 2019 Completed the first phase of the “Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains” overall planning work; on May 20, 2020, the official announcement of the second phase of the Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains·Urban Design International Competition was released to the world. Less than one month after the announcement, the official website of the competition received registrations from 657 individuals and 379 companies worldwide. The registration deadline on July 20, 141 companies and 6 groups of individual entrants around the world submitted 87 concept plans and registration documents. On July 27, the judges determined 10 finalists.

The top ten finalists are the consortium formed by DE-SO Asia Design Consulting Co., Ltd. and Didong Planning & Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the consortium formed by the individual contestant Olivier Greder and the overseas design team, the consortium formed by Boeri Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. and Wanwu Growth (Beijing) Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., the consortium formed by South China University of Technology and the School of Architecture and Design of the Polytechnic University of Turin, the consortium formed by Canada GA Urban Planning and Landscape Design Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Architectural Design and Research Institute, the consortium formed by the American Ecosystem Urban Design Office and Cai Yongjie Architects, and the Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Urban Planning and Design Institute, China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

The top ten competed for hegemony and each showed his ability. “I propose to restore the symbiosis of nature, countryside and modern society as the direction. Recreating an urbanized environment that we can experience, that is a slow-paced environment coordinated with creativity and development”, individual contestant, Olivier Greder from France, put forward his own unique insights in the design plan. The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University put forward: “Our design will correspond to the ‘primary hermit, secondary hermit, superior hermit’ Taoist thoughts in our leisure environment, living environment, and work environment so that the ‘landscape’ can penetrate into our life every moment and the concept of ‘landscape city’ can be truly realized.”

After a fierce competition and the review of 9 master judges, the top three winning works of the “Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains” International Urban Design Competition were selected on November 2. At the award ceremony, the China Urban Planning and Design Institute team won the first prize; OLIVIER GREDER won the second prize, and the South China University of Technology School of Architecture + China House and Mountain Architecture Institute of Polytechnic University of Turin team won the third prize.

In the public online voting for the Creative Proposal Award of this competition, a total of 434,000 votes and 1.564 million page views were received in just two weeks. The 30 creative proposal award units also received certificates and special souvenirs issued by the organizer of the competition.

On November 3, Lishui City also held a “Landscape City” theme forum. The forum focused on creating a landscape city beyond traditional cities in the new era, and conducted an in-depth discussion about what development trends should there be in the future to meet the needs of the escalating era.

Cui Kai, Cao Jiaming, Ma Yansong, Zhou Jian, Ma Weidong and other judges guests, as well as Mr. Zhang Jizhong, exchanged their ideas on topics such as urban development and industrial layout, traditional aesthetic thinking, landscape cities and green buildings, the future of cities under the epidemic, and urban planning and contributed their wisdom to the future development of Landscape City.

To better gather the wisdom of global designers and improve the taste of Lishui’s urban construction, the Lishui Municipal Committee and government also invited 9 judges of the competition, including Zheng Shiling, Alan J. Plattus, Xi Zeliwei, Cui Kai, Wu Zhiqiang, Cao Jiaming, Ma Yansong, Zhou Jian and Ma Weidong, as the urban construction consultants of Lishui on the day of the activity.

Today, as a critical practice site for comprehensively displaying Zhejiang’s high-level ecological civilization construction, high-quality green development achievements and experience, Lishui is actively building a world-class eco-tourism destination and the most beautiful core area of Zhejiang Grand Garden. It can be believed that on a slow and steady basis, Lishui can make good use of global wisdom, paint well the picture of “Dwelling in the Lishui Mountains“, and create a model of Chinese landscape city after this competition!

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