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On FaceCast, Making live show can obtain considerable income every month

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On FaceCast, Making live show can obtain considerable income every month

November 06
19:43 2020
On FaceCast, Making live show can earn at least $3000 per month

Since the exploration of COVID-19, the employment situation has become increasingly tough. People should keep the social distance, but at meanwhile have to struggle to make a living. But where to find such a part-time job while the whole society still keep the distance and mostly stay at home?

People has relied more on the social media to kill time than ever before. Mostly watching the live stream videos on the social app. Along with the accumulation of time, there is a kind of tender and intimate online relationship built between the audience and the broadcasters. To show the adore, the audiences prefer to send gifts to the broadcasters, and that’s the benefit for the broadcasters.

Can anyone be the broadcaster and crate their own actual value? The answer is yes. Especially at this time, to be a good broadcaster may help to release the burden of the living expense. In this way, many live stream platforms have welcomed floods of new broadcasters. But the competition on the specialized living platforms is quite fervent. Where will be the back-up battleground? Social apps.

According to a broadcaster on FaceCast, she can earn at least $3000 per month by making live shows on it, even she is not a professional and trained broadcaster. She also added that the monthly earnings of other girls from their agency are all in the same level and even much higher. FaceCast is a social app, which is not a platform just for broadcasting. It contains live streams, short videos with bullet-screen comments, 1-On-1 video chats, direct message and sharing moments on a worldwide square. Which aims to close the distance and make the connection between people from all over the world. If you had downloaded it already, you will notice that there is broadcaster recruitment advertisement on its banner. So if you’re interested, why not give a try to crate your own real value on it?

Based on the latest study, the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the live streaming video platform industry involves potential opportunity and challenges, drivers and risks. The global live streaming platform market size is expected to grow at a pretty good level annually for the next five years.

No one can tell when exactly the COVID-19 will end, but life is still going on. Broadcaster industry has welcomed a pretty good peak at this time. But where the broadcasting industry is heading in the future? And who will be the one seizing the chance to share this interest?

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