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Hologram AR, Highlight of the Apple 12

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Hologram AR, Highlight of the Apple 12

November 07
06:25 2020

Hong Kong – Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “Hologram AR, Highlight of the Apple 12”. According to the analysis of scientific and technological media, Apple’s joining the army of rear-mounted “3D depth-sensing camera” will not only change the effect of photos, but also a revolution of AR applications. With the blessing of “3D depth-sensing camera” technology, the AR experience will be greatly improved. AR digital content created by users will be very suitable for the spread of social media, and the potential of AR can be truly released.

If the spatial depth perception data captured by the “3D depth-sensing camera” is enhanced, it will undoubtedly bring an upgraded look and feel. The generated AR will be presented in a clearer and more convincing way, and the new effect is indeed expected. The core technology behind the “3D depth-sensing camera” is a rear-mounted Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL). It emits light waves at a constant rate, and then measures objects in the environment reflected by each light wave and the time it takes for them to return to the sensor.

Apple’s entry into the “3D depth-sensing camera” is not technically a pioneer. Whether it can catch up or not depends on the innovative gameplay of this technology and the iOS system and applications, as well as the proper integration of hardware and software, so as to arouse the excitement of consumers to the greatest extent.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has always believed that AR will have a broader mass market prospect than VR. Therefore, Apple has been laying out in AR and has silently applied for many AR-related patents over the years. It includes AR glasses that can be connected to multiple computing devices, AR head-mounted display, and AR systems that can superimpose information with the real environment.

It is no exaggeration to say that machine 3D vision, with the explosion of smart cars in the future, will become a new frontier in the field of technology in the future! Now, let us take a look at what LiDAR really is.

In fact, Apple introduced a LiDAR scanner at the launch of its latest iPad Pro. Apple’s LiDAR scanner, of course, is still a branch of the TOF technology genre. It just replaced the conventional infrared light with a flash laser mode, allowing it to achieve higher accuracy, faster speeds, and stronger anti-interference than before.

Relevant AR eco-companies are expected to benefit directly

Amazon launched AR View, an AR shopping tool, in 2017, which can check the effect of individual pieces of furniture placed in your home. After three years, Amazon has released Room Decorator, an enhanced version of its AR shopping tool. With this tool, users can see the effect of a complete set of household items placed in the room. Meanwhile, even when you are not in the room, you can view the AR effect by viewing photos of the room. Items will also be displayed proportionally, which is more in line with the real situation.

Fashion brand Michael Kors has put AR ads on Facebook. When Facebook users click on the ads, they can try on sunglasses through an AR filter and buy them directly from the current page. Such ads greatly increased the popularity of Lon Pilot sunglasses, and the purchase volume increased by 14 percent.

WIMI Hologram Cloud, China’s leading holographic cloud technology solutions provider, offers holographic visual AI synthesis and hologram AR services. WIMI has developed advanced data analysis capabilities to obtain actionable insights from the large amounts of data collected from products and third-party sources. At present, it has penetrated about 350 million reliable end users, from which raw data can be gathered. WIMI’s processing capabilities enable it to manage large amounts of data and provide real-time analysis on a large scale to continue to improve and innovate products and services.

With the constant improvement of AR technology and the continuous improvement of product maturity, the demand of the AR market will continue to increase. The current AR market generally presents a good development trend.

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