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Australian Skin Care Brand EAORON Unveiled at the Third China International Import Expo As the Most Popular Booth

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Australian Skin Care Brand EAORON Unveiled at the Third China International Import Expo As the Most Popular Booth

November 09
22:17 2020

On November 5, 2020, the third China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. Australian first-tier skin care brand EAORON, as an outstanding representative of the Australian skin care industry, was specially invited by the Organizing Committee to participate in the Expo for the third time. During this exhibition, EAORON not only prepared rich experience gifts for exhibitors, but also brought traditional popular styles such as smear water light needle and bee venom mask, as well as two major skin care cool techs, EAORON Air Cream and EAORON Bee Venom Cream, which shocked the first show of Expo, attracted a large number of businessmen to consult and experience, and became the well-deserved king of skin care products in this exhibition.

On November 6th, the third Import Expo was crowded. As China’s highest-profile national exhibition event with the theme of “opening to the outside world”, the Expo attracted the attention of tens of thousands of world-famous brands and businessmen. The reporter learned that the Australian first-tier skin care brand EAORON, which had made a stunning debut at the previous two Expo, was once again invited by the Organizing Committee to participate in the exhibition, bringing its popular new products to this Expo.

The reporter saw in the EAORON exhibition hall that the exhibition hall of hundreds of square meters was packed. In the exhibition hall, EAORON’s classic popular style Smear Mesotherapy, Bee Venom Mask, as well as EAORON Air Cream, Bee Venom Cream and other new products attracted many exhibitors to visit, consult and place orders. The crowd lined up at the EAORON booth, in sharp contrast to the desolation of many other brand booths.

At 2:00 p.m. on the 6th, the EAORON booth welcomed a special guest-Liu Bing, Deputy Consul General of the Australian Consulate General in Shanghai and Senior Business Commissioner of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (AUC). She listened carefully to the introduction of the exhibitors by the EAORON field staff and experienced the latest products of EAORON on the spot.

The reporter learned that in this exhibition, in addition to the world’s First Smeared Mesotherapy, Bee Venom Mask and other popular styles, EAORON in order to highlight the importance of the Chinese market, a number of new products with the first sales in Australia were brought to the Expo booth for the first time. Among them, EAORON exclusive research and development of the late-night artifact “Australian Air Cream” and anti-aging artifact “Bee Venom Cream” has attracted much attention.

It is reported that EAORON air cream, developed by the EAORON Sydney medical skin care research team, is mainly aimed at repairing skin problems after staying up late. It is the first gold anti-aging microcapsule and air-sensing protection technology, which brings together black pearls and black gold mica from the deep sea of the South Pacific, as well as three kinds of natural plant essence from Australia, such as avocado, thousand layers of golden leaves and tea. It has the functions of light and thin texture, perfect water locking and efficient anti-aging. It has overcome the pain points of the traditional late-night cream, such as thick, difficult to push away, easy to stick and greasy, and created the 2.0 era of natural, healthy, skin-pressure-free late-night cream products.

EAORON bee venom cream brings consumers a new experience of safe, efficient, self-healing anti-aging products. It is reported that the EAORON product research and development team specially uses the world’s latest natural force extraction technology, bringing together manuka honey, green propolis, R3 bee venom recovery factor and other rare repair ingredients in the cream, which can completely repair skin damage. In addition, EAORON exclusive melittin is added to the cream, which not only has strong antioxidant capacity, but also can accelerate the synthesis of collagen. Overseas clinical trial data show that after using EAORON bee venom cream, we do feel that it can firmly lock the moisture from the root muscle bottom, making the skin brighter and more transparent, and the skin delicate and plump.

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