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How Nanjing will join hands with NAFI 2020 to build the primacy ratio of culture in the provincial capital city

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How Nanjing will join hands with NAFI 2020 to build the primacy ratio of culture in the provincial capital city

November 10
23:45 2020

From November 26 to November 29, 2020, Nanjing Art Fair International (hereinafter referred to as “NAFI 2020”) will be held in hall 4 of Nanjing International Expo Center. This NAFI 2020 is jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee and the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, with Nanjing BAMBOO Art Investment Co., Ltd. as the executor.

Figure 1 Nanjing Art Fair International

NAFI 2020 takes “works of image art ” as the breakthrough point, sniping at new groups of collectors and redefining the function of Art Expo. The brand-new and wonderful units include four sections: the art exhibition section with “image” as the main part, the fashion section focusing on the Art Toy and works of young artists, the international fashion section with the official partnership for the first fashion show in Nanjing for the Paris International Haute Couture Fashion week, and the guest of honor section with the Spanish artists association and local excellent galleries.

Two key words of NAFI 2020Iteration + Two wheel drive

There will be more than 20 domestic and foreign galleries taking part in NAFI 2020, including 4-5 public art projects, of which international galleries account for more than 60%.Iteration + double wheel drive are the two key words of this exhibition.

Firstly, iteration is one of the themes of the exhibition, mainly reflected in the aspects that NAFI 2020 gets comprehensive upgrading and achieves new leaps on the basis of NAFI 2019. There are mainly the following aspects:

First, the iteration of the local and contemporary Arts in Nanjing

In addition to internationally renowned galleries in this year’s main exhibition unit, NAFI 2020 has also invited more institutions engaged in the collection of image art works.At that time, more and more outstanding international artists and works will participate in the exhibition; especially the well-known installation andimage art works will be iterated in an all-round way.This year, the creative concepts, personal interests and forms of expression of artists participating in this exhibition are different from each other. We don’t know what kind of spiritual outlook Jinling City will be presented under the combing of NAFI2020.

As a watcher of Nanjing’s local culture, NAFI2020 mobilizers all the artists that can be found in Nanjing and encourages them to show their best works of art in recent years, which helps the local and contemporary art in Nanjing to enter a state of unknown with multiple possibilities and surpasses their previous standards.

Figure 2 NAFI 2020 takes “works of image art “as the breakthrough point

Second, the iteration of international fashion section and art section

After last year’s 100-year workshop section in France, NAFI 2020 continues to iterate in the European Workshop Section this year, and cooperates with Paris International Haute Couture Fashion week for the first time.At that time, seven excellent Couture designers will come to China for the first time, which is the first large-scale fashion show held in China after this epidemicsituation.


The seven couture designers are JuanaMartín with works selected for the Spanish international designer competition,Manish Arora, the most recognized Indian designer in the world,Guan Thu Nguyen, official haute couture designer of Paris fashion week, NEHERA, a designer of an old European Czech brand, Farhad Re, a designer who is famous for its FW19 Couture series works,Leandro Cano, a design talent sought after by the media at Paris haute couture Fashion Week, and Liu Chao, the only Chinese designer who has presented the latest collection in Paris haute couture fashion week and Paris ready to wear fashion week.

Most of the designers selected and invited by NAFI 2020 Paris International haute couture Fashion Week are artists in cross-border art and design fields. Moreover, there are deep blood ties and extensive field extension between NAFI and Paris international haute couture fashion week, which not only reflects NAFI 2020’s iteration of realizing the integration of contemporary art and fashion in the field of Contemporary Art Expo, but also is the biggest breakthrough point of NAFI 2020.

NAFI 2020 hopes to help designers in many fields, such as clothing, furniture and architecture, to find a breakthrough point in Nanjing through the stage of NAFI2020. It also hopes to achieve the integration and transboundary of contemporary art and design through such cooperation, and at the same time, it will bring new attempts for Nanjing and Nanjing art to go to the world.

Third, the iteration of the implement of “benefiting the common people and serving for the common people”

The “Xinjiekou City Art exhibition space” activity in the 2019 Nanjing International Art season has integrated art into life and brought it into daily life of people, so that everyone living in Nanjing can have a strongly feeling that “art is around us”. Here, French painter is painting in the vegetable market and farmers’ market becomes “Art Gallery” with the video installation of “Nanjing eye”. Then, as long as one walks on the walking bridge, they can see the works of art; there is sculpture installation art on Xuanwu Lake, which reflects the relationship between tradition and contemporary era; there are some graffiti in the parking lot to make art closer to people’s lives…


Figure 4 French painter is painting in the vegetable market

For ordinary people, they may feel that contemporary art is far away from their lives, but we can make them feel that contemporary art can be real, fun, warm and even bring them with profound thinking. When NAFI brought art into the vulgar life of vegetable market, the interaction between life and art becomes significantly stronger.

Whether from the perspective of public art or the urban participation, there are more new ideas and new themes in NAFI 2020, which goes deep into all aspects of the city under the big concept of “city, people and space” of Xinjiekou in NAFI 2019.

After NAFI 2019 that “Art is around us”, NAFI 2020 will integrate into every capillary of Nanjing in a more unique way, which is committed to driving every beating nerve of Nanjing and stirring every heartstring of Nanjing’s development.

Fourth, the iteration of making NAFI become younger and full of interesting

This year, there is a new member – “NAFI JEANS” in NAFI family, which is mainly aimed at more young people born after 1995 and 2000 in Nanjing. In the near future, there will be more fashion housing designers, fashion brands, fashion restaurants and other things that represent all aspects of young people’s life collectively appear on NAFI JEANS”.

As part of the exhibitions of Nanjing Art Expo, the 2019 handicraft festival with the theme of “Hand follow the heart, heart drive the whole city” has attracted the attention of people of NAFI JEANS generation with fun and diversity, and let more young people participate in the production of traditional and contemporary handicrafts, which will help to build a modern image of “the city of fraternity” that is full of fashion, warmth and interest elements while inheriting traditional intangible cultural heritage.

Fifththe Fifth, the iteration of the main exhibition ideas and the depth and breadth of its establishment

Following the great success and attention achieved on the theme exhibition of Maritime Silk Road last year, NAFI 2020 also extends the layout of culture, art and international exchanges under the concept of the Belt and Road Initiative. On this basis, it also introduces the concept of the Guest Country.

It is very honored for NAFI 2020 to invite the Consul General of Spain in Shanghai to attend this art season and art exhibition.At that time, the Royal Academy of arts, Barcelona Art Museum and its Artists Association and International Communication Association will organize outstanding Spanish contemporary artists to participate in this Art Expo. Moreover, the works of world-famous artists such as Picasso and Dali will be exhibited in Nanjing for the first time.


Figure 5 NAFI 2020 introduces the concept of the Guest Country

Then, NAFI 2020 also puts forward a concept of “two wheel drive”.

This concept mainly embodies in two aspects: First, we should do our best to hold the Art Fair well, and comprehensively improve the transaction quality of participating galleries, collections and collectors; Second, we need to put forward many new measures to promote the development of the art fair and promote its integrating in Nanjing, including a number of new products, policies and plans that “benefit the people” and are conducive to the development of the industry in the field of culture, art and finance launched by NAFI 2020. In addition, this year launched the “NAFI WINDOW “entity organization will provide one-stop solution services for artists, curators and art enterprises of settling down in Nanjing.

NAFI 2020 hopes to realize the vigorous development of art production and art consumption in Nanjing through these two measures. In the future, Nanjing will also introduce more policies conducive to the development of art, works of art, artists and the art industry in the fields of life, innovation and entrepreneurship.

There is a city achieving leapfrogging in the process of speeding up, which is Nanjing.

There is a new cultural city brandbecomes excellentin the process of continuous innovation, which is NAFI.

The original intention of NAFI is “in Nanjing”, “love Nanjing” and “for Nanjing”. It hopes to provide new imagination and possibility for Nanjing, an ancient city with a long history, through the Art Expo.

NAFI also hopes to realize “benefiting the people”, “enjoying the people” and “educating the people” through such art forms, and also hopes to promote the cultural aesthetic, cultural taste, cultural pursuit and cultural spirit of the whole city of Nanjing from a higher level. This shows that Nanjing has not only developed its own excellent traditional culture, but also achieved a new leap forward while building an innovative city and a beautiful ancient capital, which provides new imagination and possibility for Nanjing’s urban innovation.

Through the continuous exploration, iteration and gradual implementation of Nanjing Art season in 2019, NAFI has gradually achieved the goal of “keeping high-end, benefiting the common people and enabling the city”, so as to comprehensively create the theme IP of Nanjing city culture. Finally, NAFI and Nanjing area of Jiangsu free trade zone will be taken as the core, which will radiate the whole province, and form good business interaction with Suzhou area and Lianyungang, Finally, it will improve the cultural primacy ratio of Nanjing as the provincial capital city.

About NAFI Nanjing Art Fair International

NAFI (Nanjing Art Fair International), founded in 2019, is an exhibition project of Nanjing International Art season, which always implements the purpose of “keep the high-end City, benefiting the common people and enabling the city” and is committed to creating an urban cultural theme IP and building a professional art exchange platform. As the first exhibition of image arts in China, NAFI brings together top galleries and institutions from all over the world. Its exhibits cover image, photography, installation, oil painting, sculpture, design, fashion production, etc., presenting the appearance of contemporary art in different contexts.

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