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“We Won’t Forget You Mr. McGillicuddy” New Book by Ira L. White – Revenge, 40 Years in the Making

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“We Won’t Forget You Mr. McGillicuddy” New Book by Ira L. White – Revenge, 40 Years in the Making

November 11
02:05 2020

We Won’t Forget You Mr. McGillicuddy by Ira L. White is a multi-threaded tale of how one man’s actions 40 years ago may just come back to haunt him. It was gripping from the first page until the last, leaving plenty of demand for the author to talk about their inspirations. To say more the author sat down to talk about the words that brought the story to life.

“I have always had this passion for exploring major events over the course of someone’s life, and what I’ve found out about how they unfold never ceases to amaze me. So often in life everything pivots on a seemingly innocuous event or a minor choice. The reason for this is that while it may seem straightforward to you, the impact it has on someone else down the line can be profound. I wanted this book to touch on how these types of relationships and experiences can come full circle before we even realize it.”

Interesting, so where did the inspiration for the book come from?

“My whole life I’ve read widely and enjoyed the evolution of culture, so I have to be honest and say that the story came from this examination of our culture and my experience caring for my dad who had dementia. I wanted it to deal with how the protagonist was trying to change the world through radical blogging on the one hand, and yet when the computer was off he had to battle the dementia of his father and the pain it was causing the rest of the family on the other. This contrast is something that I think really gives the book another dimension.”

Interesting, but where did the idea of having the revenge arc evolve over 40 years come from?

“It’s simple really: some people think time heals all wounds, and others see it as just a pause in proceedings. That’s because what is minor to one person is major and life-defining to another. I wanted to tell the story of the adult life of the two main characters to give the reader a better idea of how those events back in the 60s shaped each man. One never forgot and constantly had it in the back of his mind that he would one day right the wrongs he perceived had been dealt to him. The other probably looked back on his actions in the 60s with pride from time to time, but in the here and now is very much preoccupied with his new mission and meeting the needs of his family.”

To enjoy a book no one can put down, visit today and dive into a compelling tale that’s ready and waiting to be read.

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