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Author Shares Unique Thoughts on How to Beat Writer’s Block

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Author Shares Unique Thoughts on How to Beat Writer’s Block

November 11
02:21 2020

Writer’s block is like Superman’s Kryptonite is to Superman to the creative writer. It can strike at the most unlikely and unwanted time. Shaking it can feel like a journey that will never end. So, what’s the best approach when it makes all creative output grind to a halt! The answer will follow later.

Harold Cohn is an author (“THE STONE SPOKE”, “The Lost Dutchmen Mine and the Peg Leg Pete Mine”, and “Crazy Old Man, An Anthology” books), a thinker, and all-around creative person (Naïve artist).

The following are his wise words and new approaches he shared with me: “The best a thing a writer can do when he gets writer block is anything; but write! The first time I got writer’s block was in a creative writing class. I had an assignment that was due in a day or two. My mind was blank, empty! It was at this time, a wonderful idea popped into my head.”

“The title of the paper is: “WRITER’S BLOCK”. I started to put my ideas about writer’s block on paper. It allowed me to empty my mind and move forward on my paper that was due. It was like pulling to side of the road and leaving all the unnecessary baggage behind”.

That is a unique way of to look at it! But does this approach to distancing and taking a break apply to other fields of fields endeavor? Has Harold encountered it in places he was not expecting find it!

“It is interesting you should ask me that. I was thinking about that a few days ago. I own micro-shares of a few of race horses with “My Race Horse (com)”. I even own one hundred of one percent of the Kentucky Derby winner Authentic. I know my share of Authentic is minor, but I am still an owner of a Kentucky Derby winner!”

“In addition, I own a race horse named Amandrea. Amandrea runs at minor racetracks for minor purses. Therefore, the trainer has to run Amandrea more often than Authentic to cover feed and other costs. In her last race finished sixth, out of the money. Amandrea raced one race to many races. The trainer put her out to pasture to rest. Some times a writer writes for to long and needs to be put out to pasture to rest; WRITER’S BLOCK!”

“So, when you get writers block do anything but write!”

The article “WRITER’S BLOCK” is in Harold’s book: “Crazy Old Man, An Anthology”.

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