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Stop! It’s Not Too Late: Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years Using the BMS Model By Dr. Harris E. Phillip

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Stop! It’s Not Too Late: Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years Using the BMS Model By Dr. Harris E. Phillip

November 12
00:41 2020
It is never too late for anyone to restart from where they are with what they have!

Don’t be a bystander in life… Be an active participant! Take Action!!

Having reached a point on their journey, people feel they are at standstill, NO matter the age or situation in life, it is not too late for individuals to add years to their lives and in turn, add vibrant energy to their years! Humans are triunes. They are more complex than just their physical bodies. They are made of three distinct components: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Each component has its unique characteristics and all three together create a functioning unit: a human being.

In Dr. Phillip’s new book, Stop! It’s Not Too Late: Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years Using the BMS Model, readers are guided to examine each aspect of themselves, learn how to nourish each componentplace it in its most appropriate environment, protect it from harmful influences, and begin living a life of their highest potential TODAY (no matter the age!).

“My deepest passion and one of my life missions is to share this process of revival with as many people as I can! You deserve to live your best life well into your golden years…” – Dr. Harris Phillip

With almost 30 years as a practicing MD and over 20 years lecturing health care professionals, Dr. Harris Philip is passionate about everyone to achieve their highest level of health, which will ensure that they live their best life. Harris’ work is widely published in international medical journals and has contributed to an array of print and online educational tools in the medical field. Harris is available for personal or professional consultations and coaching. 

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Stop! It’s Not Too Late… is a resource and journal in one! There are guided prompts and questions throughout to truly engage the readers, and assist them in the beginnings of their revival processes. This book is designed for readers from 25 to 99! The author truly believes it is never too late for anyone to start living their best life and watch their life not only extend but become filled with energy and vitality that they have never experienced before. This is the power of working with the BMS Model.

Dr. Harris E. Phillip has also written a book called The Authorities – Harris E. Phillip with Les Brown and Dr. John Gray, available on his website at

STOP! It’s Not Too Late and The Authorities books… are available online now at Amazon.

For more information on STOP! It’s Not Too Late…or The BMS Model, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Harris Phillip, please contact him at +44(0)7311420520 or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

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