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The Official Flagship Store of Australian First Skincare Brand EAORON Launching on the Platform of Chinese E-commerce MOGU

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The Official Flagship Store of Australian First Skincare Brand EAORON Launching on the Platform of Chinese E-commerce MOGU

March 31
08:56 2020

Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Essence, MANUKA HONEY MASK, CERAMIDE SOLD WATER…

MOGU, the largest vertical fashion consumption platform for women in China, is now attracting more urban female consumers through the combination with EAORON, the first skincare brand in Australia. It is reported that the official flagship of EAORON officially launches on MOGU on March 29, 2020. From now on, Chinese consumers can not only be more convenient to buy the authentic products of Australia EAORON on MOGU, but watch the top-tier anchor buyers in real-time on MOGU, who recommend many products in vogue of EAORON. They can find suitable skincare products for their own through “Cloud Trial”.

As the largest female exclusive vertical fashion consumption platform in China, MOGU has a huge female fan base. The business model with the highlight of live broadcast buyers’ recommendation also makes the platform strict with skincare partners. The head of Selection Center of MOGU showed, “Currently, there are a lot of skincare brands. Among many Australian skin care products, the reason that we choose to cooperate with EAORON, is mainly for the leading position in Australia and domestic public praise of this brand.”

“Anyone who has traveled to Australia knows that EAORON is almost the best-selling skincare product in major pharmacies, supermarkets and the duty-free shops of airport in Australia, and it has a reputation as a medical geek in Australia, whose Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Essence, MANUKA HONEY MASK, CERAMIDE SOLD WATER and others are favorite skincare products for Australian girls and also the gifts for tourists to Australia”, said the head. In recent years, since a large number of Australian tourists have brought EAORON’s fame back home, the Chinese have fallen in love with the green, natural and effective Australian skincare brand. Consequently, the partnership between MOGU and EAORON will make the internet celebrity brand more accessible to domestic consumers.

It is stated that it has the most stringent standards of cosmetic production of the world in Australia, and by partnering with the leading brand EAORON, it is expected to introduce more skincare products made in Australia with better quality to the Chinese market. It is understood that after the EAORON flagship store launching on MOGU, many top-tier buyers will also recommend to try the major products of this Australian brand in the broadcast room. Consumers can remotely feel the using, texture, effect of the products and take orders on the spot. They can buy the most suitable skincare products without leaving home.

“We have prepared the gifts with the value of 200,000 in return to thank for these fan users always supporting us. Our fans can log on MOGU and search EAORON in the store, view and receive the benefits!” The brand leader of EAORON said.

It is learnt from the professionals that the combination with MOGU can further enhance the influence of EAORON in the Chinese market. The EAORON’s with its huge die-hard fans, will also stir up the ecology of MOGU skin care products, make more people enjoy the charm of Australian top-tier skincare products.

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