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Starting Playing Pickleball Like the Pros With Niupipo

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Starting Playing Pickleball Like the Pros With Niupipo

August 24
21:25 2020

Niupipo pickleball paddles not only have unique appearances, but also have exquisite craftsmanship, which makes it become the first choice for thousands of pickleball players already all over the world. Our cutting-edge manufacturing technique is the next generation of pickleball paddle technology.

All of our paddles are developed in accordance with USAPA standards, except for new products that are in the certification process, other paddles have already passed the USAPA certification.

We aim to meet all the needs of buyers to the greatest extent. We have developed paddles of various materials in order to let everyone can find a paddle that suits him/her well.

Let us start with the core materials:

In term of the core, we have three different materials.

Polymer. Most of our paddles use Polymer to make the core. Polymer is soft and has larger honeycomb cells, which is a good material that holds up well. Because it is a softer material, it is quieter and has great power.

Nomex. We also use Nomex for the core of professional paddles. Nomex is a harder material than Polymer which will perform longer due to the tight density of the material and smaller honeycomb size.

Wood. For beginners and those players who is seeking a very heavy paddle, we have developed wooden paddles. When the sport was invented, wooden paddle was the first one used by players. Most of these paddles weigh between 9 and 11 ounces with some even heavier.

What about the facing?

For the facing, we also have three different materials.

Graphite Carbon Fiber. It is similar to graphite but more durable, this material provides the ultimate ball-controlling.

Fiberglass. It is probably the most common facing you can see on the courts. It is not as strong as graphite or carbon fiber or but has more power (pop).

Wood. Niupipo wooden paddles are made of stronger basswood. Compared to the poplar which is commonly used, 7-ply basswood construction holds up to rough use, making it a great choice for schools and community centers, as it is less likely to break.

In other words, you can find graphite carbon fiber faced paddles (Polymer core) for players from all skill levels, fiberglass faced paddles (Polymer core) and wooden paddles for entry-level players, and graphite carbon fiber faced paddles (Nomex Honeycomb Core) for intermediate and advanced players. In addition, you can choose single paddle, double paddle, or paddle set (including paddles, balls, and a bag) according to your needs.

As Amazon’s most popular pickleball brand, our products occupy the top spot, and we have authoritative labels such as Amazon Choice and Best Seller, which are enough to show how much our products have been praised. We have always believed that the time is advancing and materials will continue to updating, so we are constantly optimizing our products and technology. The only thing we want to provide our customers with the best pickleball equipment, because they deserve the best. Niupipo pickleball paddles will offer the perfect balance in game-playing, ball-controlling, and power-using to everyone regardless of genders, ages or skill levels.

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