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Industrial-grade Storage, YEESTOR’s New Exploration of Storage

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Industrial-grade Storage, YEESTOR’s New Exploration of Storage

September 30
05:32 2020

Thirteen years ago, SiliconGo, a brand housed by YEESTOR, started to deploy in SSD and created UniNAND embedded storage. “The movement of heaven is full of power. Thus, a virtuous man makes himself strong and untiring.” After 13 years of efforts and resource integration, YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as YEESTOR) provides industry clients with one-stop storage solutions including storage controller, industrial storage module, IP and design services, with offers covering consumer, enterprise, industrial, and automotive-grade products. Today, YEESTOR provides the client with fully autonomous package industrial solutions with its brand SiliconGo, turning a new page of the storage story.

SiliconGo was founded in Shenzhen in 2007. Its English name SiliconGo is coined with two words, “Silicon” the material in chip making, and Go the game. In its Chinese name “GUI GE”, the character corresponding to Go can signify goban, as well as “study the nature of phenomena in order to acquire knowledge”. From there, SiliconGo started a new journey of its chip exploration with the Go notion.

Over the years, SiliconGo went through the founding period with UniNAND main controller SG301 and USB main controller SG128 mass production; as well as the expansion period, with the mass production of SD card main controller SG6280 in 2009, and the launch of security card main controller SG 2280 on security storage market in 2011. Since the advent and development of the Android smartphone, SiliconGo achieved mass production of the eMMC main controller SG8281 in 2013, being the first of its kind in mainland China.

Ten years after, the year 2017 saw the establishment of the parent company YEESTOR. While continuing SiliconGo’s technology accumulation and market influence, it also started its global expansion. YEESTOR took advantage of the opportunities and launched SSD main controller and mass-produced SATA 3.2 SSD main controller YS9081. 2019 marked another progress of YEESTOR, who accomplished its deployment to enterprise-grade products, exhibited its flagship consumer-grade and light enterprise-grade product YS9203 PCIe SSD main controller, and exhibited it on 2019 Computex Taipei.

Under such circumstances, SiliconGo evolved into an industrial storage brand to design, develop, and provide quality and innovative industrial SSD solutions, producing world-class products for industrial, enterprise, automotive applications, and data center, etc. In the development of SiliconGo, from the starting controller UniNAND and USB to eMMC in the Android era, from the controller SSD in the PC era to the storage solutions in the industrial field, its every step is to keep pace with the times.

Industrial-grade products have higher standards of data security, accuracy, product performance, controllability, and durability than consumer-grade products. Thus, YEESTOR holds on to the pioneering and innovative spirit and explores the way of progress for industrial-grade storage.

According to YEESTOR: “Trust is at the core of storage. Industrial storage products employ more mature technologies to make truly stable and reliable products to meet the needs of the industrial market through attention to details and a long-term mindset”. “Build Reliable” is its brand philosophy.

YEESTOR has established full-stack service capabilities from storage controller to industrial storage solutions, fully meeting the requirements of industrial storage products in terms of high customization, wide temperature, high reliability, high-density packaging, and large capacity, etc. The product also has a long-term supply plan. These have all been widely recognized by clients.

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