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Amidst a Global Skills Gap Crisis, Penclusive Unveils a Mentorship Service to Bolster Workforce Readiness.

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Amidst a Global Skills Gap Crisis, Penclusive Unveils a Mentorship Service to Bolster Workforce Readiness.

November 29
11:51 2023

As the brainchild of three passionate individuals who saw the disconnect between what higher education students learn in class vs the skills they actually need for their jobs, Penclusive tackles the skills gap through strategic mentorship. With many new graduates lacking practical skills, this platform connects mentees with experienced minds who can provide practical guidance. 

What started as a casual conversation between friends about the state of work, and how new employees often have to pick up skills on the job, quickly turned into something more. The brains behind Penclusive set out to determine how they can make learning more accessible and real-world relevant. Eventually, they came up with a mentorship service that seeks to give new professionals access to decades of front-line experience from anywhere in the world.

According to Wiley’s Closing the Skills Gap study, about 70% of businesses have a skills gap. Further, 52% of companies confessed that their skills gaps have resulted in a direct loss of revenue and business. Upskilling and training are no longer just optional; they are a necessity if employees as well as businesses are to thrive. 

Penclusive is on a mission to bridge the skills gap faced by fresh graduates and new professionals by offering an online marketplace that allows students and professionals to connect with industry leaders and mentors to hone the skills they require. 

Students can connect with industry experts and leaders who have at least 5 years of experience across various industry verticals via the mentorship service. This provides students and young professionals with the opportunity to network with various industry leaders and possibly nurture a long-term professional relationship with them. In doing so, they can get insight and guidance on how to attain their career goals. Going beyond preparing students for work, Penclusive is also about preparing students for life at large. It is geared towards catalyzing both professional and personal growth.

The platform’s mentorship service also goes a long way in nurturing soft skills in budding professionals.

Mentors on Penclusive can teach learners about adapting to the workplace, navigating workplace dynamics, and learning to communicate effectively in a team, among other essential skills. In a nutshell, they develop holistic soft skills that improve job performance and satisfaction.

The benefits of Penclusive extend to the mentors on the platform as well. For industry professionals and veterans who are looking to make a difference beyond their jobs, Penclusive is a great long-term investment of their time. By showing upcoming professionals the ropes, mentors can help to enact the change that they wish to see in their respective industries. Every mentorship that is successfully completed by a mentor is also a boost to mentors’ personal brand and image and allows them to diversify their skill sets as well.

Many employers often complain about their workflow lacking essential skills. With Penclusive’s mentorship service, employers and other stakeholders can tap talent right at the source and help guide them toward the abilities that they would like to have in their workflow.

However, Penclusive is not a platform that spoon feeds its users.

“Mentorship is the compass that points the way, but it’s the mentee’s journey that creates the map,” said Rizwana, one of the Co-Founders of Penclusive.

Students are still in the driver’s seat and have to put in the work to get the results.

How Penclusive works:

  • Students sign up on the Penclusive website

  • They describe their exact needs

  • Students can then browse and invite mentors

  • They then chat with mentors to determine compatibility

  • The mentorship starts based on an agreed model

Overall, Penclusive offers a valuable mentorship solution in terms of diversity. With a huge mentor pool across several niches, the platform ensures lots of learning opportunities for different groups of learners, including high-school students, university students, and working professionals.

For further information about Penclusive’s mentorship service, please visit 


Penclusive proposes a valuable way to address one’s skills gap. It offers online mentorships guided by industry veterans to hone hard & soft skills for students and professionals.

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